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TEETALK Newsletter Screen 2016Flagstick Golf Magazine has been delivering great golf information to golfers of the National Capital Region, Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais for 20 years.  Over that time the way the information is delivered continues to evolve.  Some people want the information in a printed magazine, others read everything online and there are those who are connected to their devices and simple want the information sent to them and they want that information to be relevant, timely and informative.

When you subscribe to TEETALK…that is what you get.  The power of the regions’ foremost experts on all things golf assembling a quality newsletter twice each week and sent directly to your inbox for you to get your golf information the way you want it.

TEETALK consists of great golf news, equipment information, Golf Travel, Golf Instruction, Profiles, Courses and more. It simply doesn’t get any better than that.  Subscribers to TEETALK get a couple of other little bonuses. When a new edition of Flagstick is set to come out in print…subscribers to TEETALK will get the digital edition ahead of print release. We will also be creating and publishing special digital editions like Golf Travel, Equipment and Instruction that will be exclusively delivered to TEETALK subscriber before being released to Flagstick.com.

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