Scottish Glen Golf Club- A Haven For The Game

Scottish Glen, Hole #3
Scottish Glen, Hole #3
Scottish Glen, Hole #3

Celebrating its 10th year of operation in 2016, the Scottish Glen Golf Course is a delightful nine-hole layout on the Scotch Corners Road between Carleton Place and Perth, Ontario.

When Bart Bennett had reached that stage in his life where he wanted to get on with something new, he decided along with his family to build a golf course. After ten years of operation, the Scottish Glen has become known and is now a popular destination for golfers.

It took Bart, his wife Carol and their children Kris, Lindsay and Jon 18 years of hard work to get their course ready for play in August of 2006. A driving range has since been added and according to Mr. Bennett, he would like to add a three hole short course near the range for beginners, seniors and those looking for a warm-up to the regular course.

There’s nothing fancy about the Scottish Glen, but you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere unlike any that this writer has played and the course has been shaped for play for all levels of golfers.

There isn’t a big clubhouse and play is co-ordinated out of a pro-shop/ business trailer. In the beginning if nobody was in the trailer, you just teed off and paid after nine holes. As knowledge of the course has spread mainly through word of mouth, traffic has increased and it is now recommended that you phone ahead for a tee-time.

Your game begins on an elevated tee overlooking a sweeping downhill fairway framed by a line of trees. Long hitters can reach the green in two shots but beware of the pond guarding the right side of the green.

The 2nd hole features a severe uphill fairway with second shots being hit to a green hidden from sight on the fairway. Only the top of a tall flagstick gives the green location and for scoring purposes it is preferable to leave an uphill putt on the sloping green.

What might be considered the signature hole is next and it features a 152 yard shot with a drop of 50 feet from an elevated tee to a small green surrounded by trees and marsh and protected in front by a pond.

The 4th hole is pretty straightforward with a gradual uphill incline on a dogleg left fairway. Take care on the green as it features a fair degree of slope not easily read.

The tee shot on the par-5, 5th hole requires a drive through a gap or over a strategically placed marsh and a group of tall trees. Once your ball is safely on the fairway, most golfers are faced with a layup shot on the dogleg right hole. Long hitters have the option of going for the green depending where their tee shots have found a home.

Hopefully you have a tee shot in the bag that you can hit down the centre of the fairway on the 6th hole as a ditch on the left and tall trees on the right side are set to capture errant shots. A generous-sized green awaits approach shots but the putting surface is not visible from the fairway and it has more width than depth.

A natural marsh down the left side and a forest of tall trees down the right side frame the generous fairway on the 7th hole. Your best tee shot off the tee is a bonus on this hole as the second shot requires either a layup or a carry over another marsh located 30 yards short of the undulating green.   

A 175-yard tee shot from the elevated tee to an elevated green is required on the 8th hole with a generous pond on the left side of the valley eagerly awaiting errant shots.

The dogleg left 300-yard finishing hole features an elevated tee and a ribbon of rough filled with small bushes and trees down the left side requiring another carefully placed tee shot to a generous fairway. Once again, long hitters can reach the green but they have to be aware of the large pond below the left side of the severely sloped green carved into the side of a hill. 

Mr. Bennett has used the natural terrain in his design resulting in a park-like atmosphere where the walk is casual, the wildlife is plentiful, many of the putting surfaces are diabolical and a return visit is a must.

When asked about the rewards of owning a golf course, Mr. Bennett replied, “I enjoy it because it’s our own thing. We work hard for 8-9 months and then enjoy the off season. In summary what makes this worthwhile are the people that help, play and have a great outlook on life.”



Bennett Family

Course Yardage

White: 3065

Red: 3020

Average Hole Lengths (White Tees)

Par 3’s – 165 Yards

Par 4’s – 350 Yards

Par 5’s – 493 Yards

Scottish Glen Golf Course

1994 Scotch Corners Road

Mississippi Mills, Ontario, K7C 0C5



/ Joe McLean @FlagstickJoe