100 Year-Old Picton Golfer Proves It Is A Game of a Lifetime

Day in, day out, much of the media coverage we hear these days, on any topic, gravitates to the negative.

The sensationalism and shock factor becomes the focus as outlets struggle to be seen in an environment where content consumers are being inundated.

But, there are glimmers of hope.

Even in golf.

Tiger Woods talk has dominated the past week. His continuing back issues has become low hanging fruit for anyone covering the sport. Even if we have heard the story before.

That’s why, in this storm, it is always nice to find a tale that is much more original, authentic, and relatable…and includes a 100 year-old lady from Picton, Ontario who loves the game of golf.

Long-time writer Bruce Bell (who has written plenty of golf stories over the years), has what I’d like to say (and this is my Blog space so I can) is the best golf story you might read this week. Well, at least the one that has the potential to put the biggest smile on your face.

Enjoy the story of Evelyn Coburn and her long and enduring connection to golf. (Link)



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