24 Hours at Nike Golf U.

The new Nike Golf VR Covert Tour (Photo: Nike Golf)
The new Nike Golf VR Covert Tour (Photo: Nike Golf)

Spending any significant amount of time with a single manufacturer can leave you a little overwhelmed by information.  When it comes to Nike Golf that goes to a whole new level.

With tentacles of their business in apparel, footwear, golf balls, clubs, and accessories the menu of Nike Golf product is seemingly endless.  So trying to learn all the details of their products for an entire year can be a challenge.  Now do in that is just a few intense hours.

That’s exactly what myself and other media types have been trying to do here in Orlando. More than likely their notes look just like mine – voluminous and full of exciting and interesting things.

There is a lot to process after today, more than I will attempt to share in this short post.  Interviews with Nike Golf President Cindy Davis, the king of Nike Golf Club creation Tom Stites, Global Golf Ball & Bag Man Mike Pai, and even PGA Tour winner JhonattanVegas were part of my schedule.  It means in the days ahead you can expect some extensive updates on where the Beaverton-based company is headed.

The golf business is a tough and complicated one and as Cindy Davis told me, they have defined a path to be the best in the business.  She knows it will take technology and time and they have made a heavy investment in both. In fact, they have admitted to being “over-invested” in golf but with the resources to do so, don’t expect them to go away anytime soon.

The new VRS Covert driver unveiling was the star of the show, kicking off this “Global Innovation Tour” and by my quick survey of social media, seems to have a lot of tongues wagging.  I just have one piece of advice for those who have had just a brief online glimpse of these new Nike Golf clubs – dig into the story and wait until you see them in person before you pass judgement.  They prove that sometimes you can do less to do more when it comes to adjustable clubs.

There is a lot to see here, just as there is across the entire 2013 Nike golf product line.  You’ll know what I mean as this story unfolds and media outlets like ourselves begin to pass on our “class notes” from today’s sessions.



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