Biz Blog: Look Beyond The Normal Channels For Your Golf Business Development

Members of our team have the discussions almost daily – the subject of golf courses seeking new ideas about how to market and grow their businesses. No, not just the platforms they use, but shaping their thought processes on how they see their business and what they can do to make it attractive to the consumer in a very competitive environment.

Falling back on the usual marketing & sales program that leans on a discounted green fee or “Nine & Dine” program does not always produce the results you are looking for.

Golf business people need new ideas; fresh ideas, inspiring ideas.

Some you can find within your peers in the golf industry but, personally, I find that to be a narrow approach. How often do you look to the car business, digital commerce industry, fashion, or even the electronics business to fuel you?

Well, you should. There, and a lot more places.

Our world is a vibrant one and whether it a new approach to pitching hamburgers or sharing why being second is not a bad thing , fresh ideas are what gets people’s attention.

So how do you find your way forward? Look a lot wider.

Taking life step by step, day-by-day is normal, but why be normal? Why not leap instead of step, and do it with renewed energy and vision?

So where do we draw this from?  Unusual places (for the very traditional golf market) but ones that mirror the realities of 2017, and well beyond. Golf may be a traditional game with a historical past but that is no need to confine yourself within that space. Even golfers in the 1700’s were looking for what was ahead, not behind them, as they pushed the new sport of golf to new heights.

Just today I was made aware that a new marketing event that is coming to Ontario in 2017. Haste & Hustle will be coming to Niagara-on-the-Lake in early February, 2017. It will feature people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat, Manjit Minhas, John Dick and Mark Saltzman, among others. (Please Google each of them and consider their work).  The event includes both speaker and seminars.

“From the cutting edge of marketing to the intersection technology and consumer experience, Haste & Hustle will feature industry leaders that will frame the way professionals think about sales, marketing and business,” says Shauna Arnott of Haste & Hustle. “This event is the perfect opportunity to boost your business, connect with the best in the industry and visit the beautiful Niagara Region.”

Arnott shares exactly what I am talking about and why their event can be beneficial to a business owner. “Attending Haste & Hustle will give you an opportunity to look at your business with a fresh perspective,” adds Shauna. “Haste & Hustle gets you out of your comfort zone and into a space where you can improve your business through new ideas, new connections and ground-breaking technology.”

Yes, you won’t find these people at your traditional golf conferences but, in effect, that’s a good thing. There is still a place for industry-specific information in your education process but looking beyond that can really help you grow, personally and professionally.

So, no matter if you take up the opportunity to attend Haste & Hustle, or some other seminar, do so.

There is a lot to be gained, especially if you find yourself in a bit of rut.

Either change the channel or keep watching the same thing.

Scott MacLeod is the long-time Associate Publisher for Flagstick Golf Magazine and Ontario Golf News.  He has worked in the golf industry for more than 25 years.  A PGA of Canada Candidate for Membership, he is a graduate of the Recreation Management Program at Loyalist College and Graduate Studies Program in Golf Operations at the Golf Management Institute of Canada/Wilfrid Laurier University.



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