They Have A Coach, Why Don’t You?

Chuck Cook works with student and PGA Tour winner Jason Dufner
Chuck Cook works with student and PGA Tour winner Jason Dufner

If you have ever spent some time on the range at the PGA TOUR you’ll find it is a busy spot.  Among the equipment reps and the friends of friends that litter the place the main non-players that you will encounter are coaches and instructors.  It’s rare to see a pro without one on the range these days but even if they don’t, they likely have somebody elsewhere they depend on to fine tune their game.

These are the best players in the world.  And they have golf coaches.

You, dear reader, are not among the best players in the world. And most have you have never taken a golf lesson.

In fact, in the latest Canadian Golf Consumer Behaviour Study by the National Allied Golf Associations (Canada, 2012), 58% of those surveyed said they rarely/never learned about golf for education or improvement.  Only 11% did so frequently.

I have found few golfers who have been one hundred percent satisfied with how they play the game.  Their usual solution?  Go buy a new club and hope for some magic to happen.

Sorry, I can take the newest, highest quality, fitted golf club and, using a poor technique, slice the golf ball into never never land.

Good equipment helps but it’s no substitute for learning how to properly hit quality golf shots.

Last summer, during the week prior to the Open Championship I had the opportunity to watch Rory McIlroy work with his coach Michael Bannon (See video embedded here of Rory working indoors with Bannon years ago) .  On the verge of winning two major championships over the next month Rory emphasized the importance of his work with Bannon over everything else – equipment included.

As somebody who pays dues to the PGA of Canada I may be a bit biased but long before I became a professional I understood that natural talent had its limits.  Read all the tips and watch all the videos you want but nothing beats the one on one interaction between a golfer and a qualified coach or instructor.

You watch PGA TOUR Golf on Sundays and wish you could play golf like those players.

I think you know the answer of how to make that happen.

In 2015, if you want to get better, get a lesson.

For a tenth of what a new driver might cost you, it’s worth it.

And heck, it’s a lot of fun to boot.

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