Golf Ontario Executive Director Takes The Show On The Road

Mike Kelly, Executive Director, Golf Ontario

Canada has nearly 2,400 golf course facilities from coast to coast, to coast. A full third of them are located in Ontario. Each one has a vital role in the community as a whole, the golf community, and the sport culture of a nation.

Even in a time when there are more media channels than ever, it is often a small cadre of courses that receive public attention. That is, of they can carve out a spot among the praise and interest that falls upon the highest profile athletes in the Canadian game.

No disrespect to them, but golf in Canada is about the millions of people who play the game, not just a talented few.

Which brings us to the place of Golf Association’s in the game, the role they play, and most importantly, their perspective of the game within their jurisdictions.

A key part of the feedback they need to guide their direction is input from from golfers. Which is nice to see Association staffers go to even greater lengths to receive this than they already do.

Golf Ontario’s Executive Director Mike Kelly has recently started a mandated journey (see the link below for more info) to seek feedback on provincial facilities and, in a nice addition, a blog has been created to follow it.

You can find the link here: Mike Kelly Journo

I don’t know about you but in just the start of Kelly’s journeys, I am learning more about golf courses I have never visited from the Blog.

It should be an interesting follow.



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