Leading The Way

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Toronto on Monday for the FootJoy 2012 Fashion show which also allowed me to stop into Uxbridge for a few hours on Tuesday on my path back home.

The Wyndance Golf Club, a ClubLink facility, was hosting the Golf Canada Team Canada media day. It’s an event started a few years ago that allows the media to get to know the Team Canada members and for the young golfers to also get a little more acquainted with intense media attention.

It is the first time scheduling has allowed me to attend and although I am always pressed for free hours in the golf season, in retrospect I am glad I was able to make it for the greater part of the day.

The team was introduced to us and and we also got a little look into some of training techniques the team uses on a regular basis. It certainly showed me that each of the young men and women has made a tremendous commitment to developing their skills and representing their country in the best way possible.

What struck me most about the day though was not the athletes, who are all supremely talented, but the coaches themselves. Golf was on the agenda and while most media people ended up with a player in their group, I had the pleasure of the company of two of their fine leaders, Henry Brunton and Doug Roxburgh.

I spent 16 holes with the pair, along with Prescott, Ontario native Steve McAllister of Yahoo! Sports, and to say it was insightful would be an understatement. We did not talk a lot about the current team but there was plenty of chatter about past players, events, and golf in general that allowed me to recognize just who was leading the way for the young golfers who represent our country.

Both men have remarkable resumes. Brunton, a Kemptville, Ontario native, has been the Men’s National Team Coach since 1999 and his body of work as a CPGA Master Professional and Golf Coach is exemplary. If you need a reference to what he is about just have a look at his profile on the CPGA website here or pick up a copy of his book, “Journey To Excellence”, the best guide you will find for Junior golfers looking to get the most out of their golf experience.

I am a little biased when it comes to Roxburgh, the Director of Information High Performance for Golf Canada. Living in British Columbia for some time as a teen golfer, Roxburgh is an iconic figure. His record of 13 wins at the B.C. Amateur and capturing the Canadian Amateur 4 times is just a start of his remarkable record. He is a brilliant man with a lifetime of knowledge to share with our emerging elite golfers.

I was just happy to share a few hours with these gentleman and it left me knowing that even if I had any concerns about Team Canada and its’ players, Brunton and Roxburgh, along with the other coaches present at Wyndance, proved to me that Golf Canada has the teams in the best hands possible.

That’s count for a lot.

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