Why Callaway Golf Partnering With Steph Curry Matters

Steph Curry and Callaway have created a multi-year partnership

In a 2019 ESPN poll of the top 100 most famous athletes in the world, Steph Curry ranked 9th. The highest ranking golfer, Tiger Woods, was a notch back of him. It takes another 15 spots before you reach any other golfers.

Steph and Tiger are well known yes, but to the youth of the world, more can likely relate to Curry, 31, than the elder Woods, 43.

You see, generation gaps can be small but wide.

Curry has more than 23 million followers across social media channels (Tiger Woods has just over 6 million), making his influence on youth more robust.

The NBA itself has the rising youthful demographic that golf is chasing, with Curry as a leading man in their story.

That principal has already won three NBA title with his Golden State Warriors team and been named the NBA MVP twice.

He’s smart, gifted, well-spoken, genuine, a family man, and enamoured with far more than himself and his own ego.

He also plays golf to a high standard and has a “Range Unlimited” golf clothing line with the Under Armour Brand.

But all that is just a part of why Callaway Golf has paired up with the six-time NBA All-Star in a multi-year endorsement deal revealed today.

Extending Golf’s Reach

Curry, ultimately, understands the power of golf and the doors it can open for people. He’s willing to use his fame to bolster that.

Sure, many will point that Callaway Golf will benefit from the new agreement on a commercial level but I’d like to think this is about way more than that.

Be skeptical if you like, but a long look will tell you how sincere Curry is with his philanthropic efforts, and Callaway Golf is stepping up to take part in the ways they can.

The heartfelt words from Chip Brewer, President & CEO, Callaway Golf Company, convey this.

“We’ve found an incredibly likeminded partner in Stephen,” said Brewer, “His love of golf is something we at Callaway immediately connected with. And over time we realized we shared much more than that: a vision to create opportunities for access to the sport for people that might not have it. With our support, Stephen is uniquely positioned to create meaningful experiences in golf.”


Meaningful. That’s a powerful word. One that you can be easily held accountable to.

But Curry has already walked the walk when it comes to golf and sincere actions. He could have given his attention to just about anything else as a vehicle for his philanthropy, but golf is his choice.

It’s a decision that could influence many of his fans and is already making life-changing differences for some.

In September the round-ball superstar helped Howard University initiate an NCAA Division I golf program that will start in 2020. He did so with enough funds to support the men’s and women’s golf programs for the next six years, with the seed for an endowment that will make the team self-sustainable in the future. Not only will cover program costs but he threw in three full scholarships to boot. Prior to having a formal partnership with Curry in place (save for supplying him his personal golf gear) Callaway jumped in to be the official equipment provider to the program.

Curry has proven to be more than a donor when it comes to golf, he also serves as an ambassador for the PGA Jr. League and is an Executive Producer for the ABC mini-golf show, “Holey Moley.”

As much as he can, outside of prepping for an 11th season of pro ball, he’s all-in when it comes to golf. And Callaway Golf has chosen to work alongside him.

In a release Callaway golf stated that, “they have committed to partnering on various initiatives Curry will undertake with a strong focus on expanding the game by making it more accessible to underserved and underrepresented youth.”

That will also mean, “co-produced original content in the spirit of Curry’s endeavours in golf,” and that, potentially, can be insightful, educational, and inspirational.

“I am beyond excited for the opportunity to work with Callaway Golf. Their ability to think outside the box on how we can collectively grow the game of golf is second to none,” Curry said. “I can’t wait to begin rolling out some of our ideas to make golf more accessible to boys and girls around the world.” 

Given Callaway’s proven history with content regarding showcasing people’s connection to the game at a personal level as the they did in their “Home Course” series (please view them all here), the impact could be wide-reaching.

With Curry as the cornerstone, it has the potential to not only bring people closer to the game, but also impact lives in meaningful ways beyond a sport.

That is a good thing. For everyone.



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