The Reverie of The Second Cup

I’ve been meaning to make an addition to my Blog here today but frankly it’s been ONE OF THOSE Mondays.  So 11 hours after I started my work day (yep, 5 a.m. plans that fell through so into the office I went) I have finally found time for that second cup of coffee and a few moments to get in a post.

When the calendar flipped to June I knew what I was in for and this past weekend is a fine example of the golf season in action.  I spent much of the past few days monitoring several golf events around the region – a trend that will continue for the next few months based on what I am seeing at the Flagstick.com Online Event Calendar on our homepage.

Congratulations to Brooke MacKenzie of Smiths Falls who won the CN Future Links  Ontario Championship, to Will Courchene who topped the OVGA Junior Field Day, and to Drew Mayhew who repeated at the Cataraqui Field Day.

– I would also like to add a big thank you to all those who responded to my last Blog post regarding Brad Revell and his donation campaign on the Canadian Tour this year.  I hear more than a few people have stepped forward with donations.  Great to see.

– What was not nice to see over the weekend was even more deep-cut coupons from regional golf courses.  Some courses are making some desperate marketing choices these days and although I understand that they need to attract consumers, I fear they are forever eroding their markets.  One coupon I saw offered what amounted to a round with a cart for $22.50, and because of the nature of the offer the net proceeds to the golf course would only be $11.25.  Talk about de-valuing your product!  Although it may attract a golfer to come play there are all sorts of downfalls to discounting to this level.  It’s their choice, of course – I just hope they are willing to deal with the fallout.  That’s a steep loss to attract a customer that might never be willing to return at full price.

– I did manage to actually play a bit of golf on the weekend. (Yes, at the very popular 6:30 a.m. time slot you can play at a rather brisk pace) It was a largely uneventful round, save for the 5th and 6th holes of the day.  The former saw me have to hit a shot left handed (I normally face the other way) on my way to a par while the latter reminded me quickly how wet our spring has been.  The resulting three foot rough swallowed up my ball and saw me take three swings to advance a ball a total of 2 feet.  Of course that was not the full tale.  The second swing went completely under the ball.  A whiff! Thankfully I dropped a 20 foot putt to scar my card with no more than a double bogey.  It’s tough to keep any type of form this time of year but I was very accepting of the score that was the product of the day.

– I am very interested to see what the result of tomorrow’s NAGA trip to Parliament Hill will be.  I cannot imagine that in the current economic climate that some progress will be made on the concessions that the group is looking for.  Either way, I look forward to speaking to many of the parties involved afterwards.

– And lastly, as of this hour things look bleak for Mr. Mike Weir and his return to the U.S. Open.  Weir was near the bottom of the list after the first 18 holes of a 36-hole sectional qualifier in Columbus this morning.  It looks like his streak of appearances in more than 40 consecutive major championships is over unless he posts a ridiculous score this afternoon.  It will be strange not to see him in the U.S., lashing hybrid after hybrid into the lengthy par fours.

Now that my coffee is cold, I’ll finally get back to it.  Have a great week.



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