Uhhhh…A Novel Way To Work Your iPhone Into Your Golf Game

I wouldn't recommend blending golf and Apple products in this manner.

Every week I scour for golf related video content. Most of the time what I find is pretty standard. You know, highlight clips, instruction, and even the odd blooper or two.

Then I wandered on to the YouTube page of EverythingApplePro 

So how is that golf related? Well, the gang there like to do a lot of testing on Apple products and golf, being the high impact sport that it is, came into focus for them.

Would I have ever though to do what they did with golf clubs and various Apple phones?  Likely not but I’m glad they gave it a whirl for your entertainment pleasure.

The results are pretty much what you’d expect. Undoubtedly it would be worse if they were actually decent golfers.


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