Adams Re-joins Moderately Priced Golf Club Market with Tight Lies Fairways & Hybrids

There has been a glaring hole in the retail golf equipment business for quite some time and TaylorMade Golf, through their Adams Golf brand, is diving in with their newly re-imagined Tight Lies fairways and hybrids.

For those paying attention, TaylorMade has recently re-kindled older M4 product lines in a reasonable price point, and the latest Adams club development is yet another step to bridging the market gap. As the price of new golf equipment continues to rise, and more golfers than ever flooding the courses, it makes only sense that gear at differing levels in in demand. Not every golfer can commit a big budget to the sport, and many of these golfers fall in the “emerging” category, meaning they need clubs that can assist them in overcoming the most basic of issues, including launching the golf ball. This is exactly where the new Adams products fit right in.

The Tight Lies line from Adams golf first came to light in the mid-1990’s and their shallow face woods were an instant sensation. The low centre of gravity and cleverly-shaped sole design made for an easy-to-use product. The new versions of fairways and hybrids are a take on that classic design, with the inclusion of materials and innovations that have come to light over the last several decades.

The result are clubs being sold that are easier to make better face-to-ball contact with, and take off on a more effective trajectory.

As a direct-to-consumer product, they also sport a price much lower than the average fairway or hybrid on the current market

“Adams Golf has a lot of history in the game and we are excited to re-introduce the Tight Lies fairways and hybrids into the market. Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen elevated interest for a recognized brand like Adams that provides great value for golfers looking to reconnect with Tight Lies technology, as well as new golfers coming into the sport,’ says John Gonsalves, Vice President Direct-to-Consumer, Adams.

While the profile of the Adams clubs is somewhat familiar to those in-tune with previous models, with a low profile and tri-sole design, extra touches make the new ones even more playable.

Upgrades include a larger face area to help reduce the chance of pop-ups, and a slot directly behind the club face to encourage more flexibility in that area, for greater ball speeds and to help control spin rates on lower face strikes.

Fairways are offered in both left and right hand for men and women in two lofts (16 degree 3-wood, 19-degree 5-wood). Hybrids are available in four lofts options (20, 23, 26, 290 for right-handed men, three loft options for left-handed men (20,23,26) , and three loft options for right-handed women (23,26,29.) There are no left handed Hybrid options for women at this time.

The Aldila Synergy graphite shaft is used throughout, in various flexes and weights, and grips used in the builds include Golf Pride (fairways) and Lamkin (hybrids).

The clubs are being sold individually and in combination packages.

Fairways will retail at (CAD) $239.99 for single (slight discount for multiples) and hybrids roll in at a very tasty $194.99 (CAD) for a single club. Multiple discounts also apply.

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