Product Watch: Ben Hogan ICON Irons

ICON: A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.

When it comes to golf, few figures fit the definition above, but Ben Hogan has easily become one of them. Revered for his golf swing, he was also notable for another area in which not all pro golfers were able to find success – the golf equipment industry.

Almost seven decades ago he first adorned his name on the back of a golf club made by his own company. As the story goes, his initial batch of clubs did not meet his standards and they were destroyed. Then, the company was off to the races for a few decades.

That’s not to say that the brand has always had a smooth road. It passed through some hands in modern times but the current ownership has been doing an excellent job of embracing a modern retail model (direct to consumer) while serving up products that Mr. Hogan himself would be proud of.

The latest project from the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company (BHGEC) is the ICON irons. They are a perfect homage to the legendary ball striker himself, given the forged muscle-back design, which harkens back to the first models Hogan’s original company first produced.

“Ben Hogan always had exceptionally high standards … especially for his blade iron designs. We think the new ICON Irons would be something he would be proud of,” says Scott White, CEO, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “In the hands of accomplished players, they will find the ICON Irons offer an unmatched combination of performance, feel and eye appeal as compared to any muscle back blade on the market. This was Mr. Hogan’s mission and we’ve continued that tradition.”

The irons are exactly what one might expect if you are familiar with Mr. Hogan – a blade design with minimal offset, a thin top line, and a shorter blade length. They are a great complement for players who are efficient in their ball-striking ability.

Ben Hogan ICON irons – 2020

That all said, Hogan was also about progression in technology, especially in his later years. He experimented heavily with club designs, looking for an “edge”. That’ why I am sure he would be pleased to see these new ICON irons presented with some contemporary touches.

That includes centre of mass throughout the set to help golfers launch the ball in the long irons and flight the shots down with the short irons. This is apparent in the use of a visible, and variable, weight pad on the back of the mid and long irons.

Each head in the piece set features a “V” sole shape with a healthy amount of bounce on the leading edge to prevent excessive digging through the turf interaction time.

The company also shares that the ICON set is balanced when it comes to lofts in each head, with signature four-degree gapping between each club.

Customers can choose a traditional nickel chrome finish, or for a slight up-charge, a proprietary Diamond Black Metal (DBM) finish. 

Due to delivery delays caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company they will begin taking pre-orders for the ICON chrome irons immediately and plans to begin orders for ICON Black irons in the very near future.  

The sets are offered exclusively through their websites.