BIG Max Rolls Out 4th Edition of IP Blade Push Cart

When it was first introduced, it ignited a trend in foldable carts, but BIG MAX is not slowing down with their popular Blade design. The company has just revealed the fourth version of the product, the 3-wheel Blade IP.

You may ask what the “IP” in the name is all about. Well, it’s the company’s little wink towards their competition with the letters referring to “Intellectual Property.”  BIG MAX feels they are ahead in this market segment and they plan to stay there. The new Blade IP folds down to an incredible 34 ½” x 24 ½”, at a depth of less than five inches.

The company says that allows the cart fit into just about any sized trunk WITH the golf bag still attached. If you choose to remove the cart they include a case with purchase.

The cart also has a number of available accessories to customize it to your needs.

Available in Black, Black/Lime, White, White/Lime, Phantom/Red, the BLADE IP will be in stores from May 2018.



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