The Bookshelf: The Practice Manual

The Practice Manual by Adam Young
The Practice Manual by Adam Young
The Practice Manual by Adam Young

There are golf books, and there are GOLF BOOKS.

Many volumes simply fill shelves while others take a prominent and cherished role on them.

As a golf professional and enthusiast of the game, I believe The Practice Manual by Adam Young is the latter.

It’s been some time since I have digested an instruction related book that had this much to offer.

A disturbing trend took place in the last three decades when many golf instruction books were rushed to market to take advantage of the thirst for them. The skeletal efforts were not only rudimentary, they also treated golfers as not having the intellectual ability to understand more than the same old recycled information that golf had leaned on for years.

In the Practice Manual, Young goes well beyond that, and is not shy about doing so.

He subtitled his 385 page work as “The Ultimate Guide For Golfers”. He might have wanted to add, “for those who truly want to get better.”

Within the pages he takes on everything from ball flights laws to the process of learning, all from the perspective of a teaching professional at some of the most respected courses and academies in the world. At the same time he delivered it with the admittance that we are ALL still learning, himself included, and that it is a continual process to get better at everything in life.

It’s a refreshing read. A deep one but eminently readable, especially for those, be it a coach or player, who want to learn more about the process of learning to play and enjoy better golf.

You won’t find a better value in golf at under $30.

Be sure to also check out his blog at www.Adamyounggolf.com

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