Canadian Accessory Maker Dormie Workshop Comes Up Big In Vegas

Dormie Workshop custom covers (Photo: Dormie Workshop Tumblr)
Dormie Workshop Cabot Cliffs Headcover (Photo: Dormie Workshop)
Dormie Workshop Cabot Cliffs Headcover (Photo: Dormie Workshop)

Fresh from the PGA Fashion/Demo Experience in Las Vegas, one Canadian golf company has rolled the dice and came up big.

Already gathering much attention for their high-quality leather golf accessories, specifically headcovers, Nova Scotia-based Dormie Workshop drew a lot of media attention in Nevada and have some big projects on the horizon as they head into 2017.

PGA of Canada pros Todd & Jeff Bishop first brought their wares to the world at the PGA Merchandise show in January, 2015. Business has been booming since then. Their all-leather custom designs have been gaining a fan base among core golfers and enthusiasts of the game. Their latest foray into the American trade show market has just fanned the flames even more.

“We are trending between 6-7 times growth in our second year compared to year one,” says Jeff who looks after production and oversees all ongoing projects Dormie undertakes. “We moved to a new location in the middle of Summer which allows the production team to handle increased volume while continuing to perfect craftsmanship,” he added. “Attending these trade shows has really been a boost for our brand in terms of growth, sales and recognition.”

The pair have also teamed up with another rising star, LPGA Major winner Brooke Henderson. They are collaborating on a brand and product lines (headcovers and accessories) for the 19 year-old Canadian. Plans for that line are very early in the creative stages, Todd told Flagstick.com. He related that they hope to have something completed by mid-October.

They also have cooperative projects in the works with Dunning Golf and G-Fore, two companies who like to live on the leading edge of golf fashion.

“These are exciting times for us as we are doing exactly what we dreamed of in these new opportunities” said Todd.”Our remote location has its challenges, but also gives us an edge as we are always affiliated with Nova Scotia, and its allure and our brand reflects that.”

At the recent Las Vegas outing Dormie Workshop padded their overall line-up with belts, purses, and alignment stick covers.

It’s another step in a growing story of success in the golf industry. And a Canadian one to boot.

/ Scott MacLeod @Flagstick

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