First Look – Exotics EX9 Fairway

Exotics EX9 Fairway
Exotics EX9 Fairway
Exotics EX9 Fairway

Dig into the bags on many top players and you may find a golf club that looks out of place.  That is, until you hit it. Mixed in among sticks from the “big brands” it is not uncommon to find fairway woods that have reached a cult status from the Exotics line of Tour Edge Golf.

The company from Batavia, Illinois (near Chicago) is trying to maintain that trend with the new Exotics EX9 fairway.

They say the new fairway, available in available in lofts of 15 (173 cc), 16.5 (165 cc), 18 (158 cc), and 21 (150 cc) degrees (Left hand is in 15 and 18 degree models) features a design that maximizes head speed through a sloped crown and unique sole design.

An interchangeable heel weight also allows the golfer to tweak the centre of gravity position to adjust the resulting shot shape tendencies and control swingweight.

As with past Exotics fairways the face is a big part of the story – the company’s clubs are know for a “hot” feel and you should expect nothing less from the EX9.  An integrated design known as the “Power Grid” sports thinner spots to help increase the club’s rebound capabilities, particularly low in the face.

The company has used a Carpenter 475 cup face (a thinner steel known for high strength-to-weight ratio) robotic laser beam bonded to a hyper-steel body for a little extra “pop”.

Finished in a modern gloss black, standard stock shafts are the Mitsubishi Bassara E-Series, and Matrix Exotics White Tie, Red Tie, and Black Tie.

The Exotics EX9 Fairways will start shipping on November 11th.

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