First Look – Mizuno MP-25 Irons

Mizuno MP-25 (Courtesy Mizuno Golf)
Mizuno MP-25 (Courtesy Mizuno Golf)
Mizuno MP-25 (Courtesy Mizuno Golf)

For years Mizuno Golf dominated the iron count on the PGA TOUR. The cool part? Hardly any of the players using their irons were actually on staff with the company.

Things changed and many other manufacturers began dominating the iron counts, highly influenced by the financial resources that they used to sway players.  That was was fair game but the marketing impact was that many consumers forgot just how great Mizuno golf products could be.

In the meantime the company, a giant in the sporting goods industry, was continuing their commitment to golf. It could be seen in the people they attracted to their design and engineering fold, bright minds like Chris Voshall, who was kind enough to join us in the Flagstick Forum earlier this year (this link) to share about Mizuno’s golf philosophy and standards.

From minds like this you have the creativity that comes up with products like those among the 2016 Mizuno MP portfolio, including the new MP-25 irons.

One caveat here, I have yet to hit the MP-25’s but from looks alone and based on recent products from Mizuno I am betting they will be a treat when I do.  We expect to test them shortly and follow up with related content.

The company began using Boron, the 5th element on the periodic table, in their clubs in 2014 and the MP-25 utilizes it as well. That’s a bit of  change for the company as the MP line has been a very traditional range in the past. Boron is used as a strengthening agent to help create design features that promote ball speed.

“Introducing Boron into the classic MP line is a game changer. Boron enables more opportunities for our R&D team to push the limits of a forged ‘players’ iron to increase ball speeds, distance and playability while staying true to the signature Mizuno look and feel,” said Chuck Couch, Vice President of Product Development, Golf Division, Mizuno USA. “Over a decade in the making, the use of Boron will maintain our long-standing history of delivering ‘players’ irons that provide golfers the confidence and shot-making ability to perform at their best.”

What’s that mean?  Really?

It means that even better players need help and Mizuno is looking to Boron to provide that, making a high ball speed-iron in a package that appears more “classic” – targeted at the tastes of tour players and low to mid-handicap players.

“Without the Boron the club would collapse if we made it the same.” – Chris Voshall, Senior Club Engineer, Mizuno Golf, in conversation with European Tour player Chris Wood 

At first glance they look like traditional blade but the smart guys in the labs at Mizuno tucked in a hidden pocket cavity on the long irons (3-6) to help the face flex a little more for higher ball speeds and to disperse weight in a way that aids off centre strikes.  Because, you know, even better players are not perfect.

The forged irons (1025 Boron steel) flow towards a full muscle design in short irons to crank up the feel and allow the golf to be a more creative shot-maker in that part of their bag.

The Mizuno MP-25’s hit the shelves September 18th – in both right and left hand.

The stock shafts are the True Temper Project X 5.5 steel (MSRP $1199.99) and the Fujikura Orochi graphite shafts ($1299.99) (All prices CDN) but there is no upcharge on any steel shafts or custom grips.


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