Flagstick.com Podcast – Dr. Paul Wood On PING and Their Engineering Culture

While most golf consumers just want their new golf club to help them get the ball in the hole faster, a lot of unseen things have to take place for that to happen. In many cases, much more than they can even imagine.

Among those items is some pretty heavy engineering. One company where this is at their core is PING. Founder Karsten Solheim was a trained engineer who was just looking to make his own golf game better through equipment improvements, and now, nearly six decades later, the engineering culture remains.

PING has just brought a has a whole new G400 line to the market but instead of just discussing that, we recently caught up with the Vice-President of Engineering at PING, Dr. Paul Wood, to talk about the process of innovation at their company. We also touched on new frontiers and where things are heading in their research that is helping them make better golf equipment – products that will help the golfer lower their score and enjoy the game more.

Enjoy the interview…

Dr. Paul Wood, PING, Vice-President Engineering 

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