Hanging 10 With Freddie

Freddie Jacobson and his new board.

Just like any professional athlete, you know Fredrik Jacobson house was probably littered with trophies throughout his youth.

You know the ones…the player pose with (insert here) a bowling ball, baseball bat, or golf club in hand.  Well, originally anyways, we all know that eventually the trophies start to look the same, especially after any item that tries to make them look different (the ball, bat, or golf club) gets snapped off and reduces them to anonymity.

For myself I know I cherish a trophy actually made from a model of a BMW car earned at a Clublink event years back; my five year-old daughter loves to play with the moving parts.

Awards like that just seem to stand the test of time, always holding a more special place in your home or office.

So for Callaway Golf staffer Freddie Jacobson you can imagine his delight at a presentation by his equipment sponsor Tuesday morning at the Honda Classic in Florida.

Outside the Callaway Tour Trailer Jacobson, an avid surfer, was presented with a unique gift to commemorate his 1st win on the PGA Tour, at The Travelers in Hartford last year.

It was, you guessed it, a surfboard.  But not just any board.

The surfboard given to Jacobson is a 6’7″ Clever Fishtail. On the board is the name of the tournament he won, the Travelers Championship, Freddie’s scores from the event, a Callaway logo and a Callaway Diablo logo. (Freddie used a Diablo Octane driver to win that event. He now uses a RAZR Fit driver.)  The underside of board is done in the colors of the Swedish flag (blue and yellow) and has Jacobson’s “FJ” initials at the top. The shaper of the board is Jay Smith of Daytona Beach, Florida. He is a well-respected shaper in the Southeast and some of the top pros have ridden his boards.

The artist is Jimmy Lane, a New Smyrna Beach, Florida legend who has done artwork for every major surfboard shaper in the Southeast and is a surf legend himself. Both shaper and artist play a ton of golf and love the game as much as the water.

“This is the coolest gift ever,” Jacobson said upon seeing the board. “It’s awesome because it combines one of your favorite hobbies with one of your greatest memories in life, winning a PGA Tour event.”

“This one is not going in the trophy room. I’m going to have to ride it…I just hope it floats me,” the Swede joked.



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