Hot Picks 2018: Callaway Golf

Over the coming weeks we will share the selections from our Hot Picks 2018 Feature in the Spring 2018 issue of Flagstick Golf Magazine. The following products are among our forty notable products for the season ahead. So far…

Callaway Rogue Drivers

The Rogue drivers have the advantages of performance shown by the Epic but in a package that manages to maintain ball speed and accuracy further away from the center of the face. In the Rogue, it seems the advantages of the GBB Epic have been married with the stability that the Callaway Fusion served up, with ball speed protected across a wider area of the face. A larger, flatter profile gives an assurance that there is more club to work with, and a little more “help” if you will. Three models, including a lower spin SubZero and a Draw biased model, improve their fit.

Callaway Rogue Fairways

Callaway fairway woods have been a favorite among many golfers for a couple decades now and the new Rouge Fairways should not disappoint them. We loved the shape, for starters, with a clean profile and a shallow enough depth to make you feel like you can launch the ball easily. No adjustability.

Callaway Women’s Rogue Irons

For golfers looking for a women’s specific set from Callaway, the Rogue is the flagship new product. The features of the design are a great fit for golfers who may have slighter lower clubhead speeds with a low centre of gravity to push the initial launch higher. Lighter weight shaft option allowing for better face control, encouraging better overall performance.

Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedges

The 4th version of the Mack Daddy wedges already? Yes, we’re there. These got an early push from PGA TOUR staffers like Sergio Garcia, who was an early adopter. Four sole grinds are offered including the new X grind, which has a narrow sole yet still has a high amount of bounce. With multiple finishes, 21 loft/bounce combinations, and a Callaway Customs program, they can be tailored to suit your needs.