Hot Picks 2018 – Mizuno Golf

Over the coming weeks we will share the selections from our Hot Picks 2018 Feature in the Spring 2018 issue of Flagstick Golf Magazine. The following products are among our forty notable products for the season ahead. So far…

Mizuno GT180 Driver

Highly underrated in the metalwoods category, once again Mizuno returns to our Hot Picks, this time with the super versatile GT180. Last year’s JPX-900 driver was a stunner and the GT180 builds on that legacy. Great ball speeds off the SP700 Ti Face backed by massive amounts of adjustability in both loft, lie, and CG weighting makes it one to add to your 2018 club tests.

Mizuno S-18 Wedges

While the Mizuno T-7 wedges have been well-received and fill a niche for a certain player, the S-18 wedges provide another option for golfers with different preferences. A larger profile inspires confidence at address and two finishes let you pick the clubs to suit your eyes (one satin, one gun-metal). Centre of gravity flows vertically between various lofts to encourage a proper shot trajectory. Plenty of lofts and bounce configurations.

Mizuno MP-18 Irons

If you check the golf bags on tour for players not signed to contracts, expect to see a lot of Mizuno irons, a testament to their quality. That continues with the MP-18 family of irons that cover the full gamut of designs from muscle-backs to multi-material designs and hollow long irons. Through the models you can find pleasing shapes, exceptional feels, and many custom shaft options at a stock price.


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