Hot Picks 2018 – TaylorMade Golf

Over the coming weeks we will share the selections from our Hot Picks 2018 Feature in the Spring 2018 issue of Flagstick Golf Magazine. The following products are among our forty notable products for the season ahead. So far…

TaylorMade Spider Interactive with Blast

TaylorMade Golf introduces their first product with embedded sensor technology. The new Spider Interactive Powered by Blast putter has the Blast Motion capture sensor built right into the grip in a seamless, non-intrusive design. To use the new putter, you use a match App to display various stroke metrics, the ones already available in the standalone Blast Motion product – (backstroke time, forward stroke time, tempo), impact stroke speed and face rotation.

TaylorMade M3 Driver

The most adjustable of the two new TaylorMade driver models for 2018, like the M4, the M3 features “TwistFace” technology designed to mitigate the effects of off-centre ball strikes. In effect, making the most common low heel and high toe strikes, more playable. The clubhead now features a silver finish in contract with the carbon sections. A ton of adjustability that allows a fitter to get it dialed in to the individual.


TaylorMade M3 iron

For those wanting a TaylorMade iron that has a generous hitting area but are concerned about the look of an oversize clubhead, the M3 is the solution. It is the evolution of the M1 iron (the M3 topline is actually thinner than the M1) with the addition of the latest TaylorMade design features, keying in mostly on the 3-7 irons. Like the M4 iron, that means the use of RIBCOR to support the face structure.

TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Ball

For several years the Project (a) ball has been a popular ball for TaylorMade and now there is a golf ball in its price category that has an emphasis on improved feel. At the same company the company says this ball is not short on distance potential. It is highlighted by a dual core and a compression in the 60 range, some ten points less than the Project (a). On top of white also available in matte yellow and matte orange.