Metal Monsters – Titleist Bringing 917 Drivers & Fairways To Market

The 917 family
The 917 family
The Titleist 917 family

Just like clockwork golf equipment manufacturer Titleist is bringing their next version of their metalwoods to the retail market within their two year product cycle. After seeding and play on the top tours in the world the 917 products will be available at authorized retailers on October 21.

917 Drivers

The Titleist 917 drivers come in two standard editions, the 917D2 and the 917D3.

The 917D2 is a 460 cubic centimetre model with the pear shape familiar from previous D2 driver iterations. Slightly more forgiving and designed to reacher a higher peak height, the higher spin model will be available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees.

Players looking for a more refined shape, a little less spin and the greater ability to shape shots can look to the 917D3. It comes in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 degrees.

Both models features a new finish over previous drivers, one the company refers to as “liquid slate”, somewhat reminiscent of the finish on the very popular Titleist 975 drivers of the past.

Advancements in the 917 models over the 915 include an updated channel in the sole, designed to help the golfer reduce spin on low face strikes and to help increase ball speed across a wider area of the face. The Active Recoil Channel (ARC) 2.0 works in concert with a “Radial Speed Face 2.0” to provide this latter trait.

Many golfers will be familiar with the Titleist technology used in their adjustable hosels, Sure-Fit, which provides 16 loft and lie positions but arguably the greatest advancement in the 917 drivers is the SureFit CG weight system.

The easy-to-use weighting system allows the fitter or player to fine tune centre of gravity position to aid the golfer in shaping their shots and dampening the inefficiencies of their game. Through an interchangeable weight system golfers can choose a neutral, draw, or fade position to help them achieve their preferred flight. There is also some headweight adjustability built into the system.

“The combined power of the SureFit hosel and SureFit CG takes us to another level in terms of optimizing spin and maximizing distance potential,” said Dan Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club R&D. “We’ve seen through our extensive player testing that when you determine the appropriate CG for a player, the club squares up and times up more consistently for them. They hit the center of the face more often, they gain club head speed and ball speed, and their shot dispersion tightens significantly. What’s also notable is that because of those results and that feeling of being dialed in, we’re seeing players gain more confidence and swing more aggressively, which creates even more ball speed and more distance.”

More than 150 of the 917 drivers have been put into play on the top tours since the company began the tour validation process this past June.


Titleist 917F3 fairway

New 917 fairways are part of the new Titleist product launch. They feature many of the design elements of the new drivers with a notable difference in the inclusion of the Active Recoil Channel (2.o).

Previous 915 fairways featured an open channel that was prone to collect dirt and grass through impact. The new variation is now filled with a hollow-core elastomer insert to eliminate any dirt/grass pickup and the necessity to clean it.

Each of the fairway models (917F2 and 917F3) are distinctive in look and their playing characteristics.

The F2 (lofts 13.5º, 15º, 16.5º, 18º and 21º) is more playable with a larger displacement and intended to provide more spin and a higher launch.

The F3 is more compact, launches the ball on a flatter trajectory relative to the F2, and offers less spin than its counterpart. It comes in lofts of 13.5 and 15 degrees.

917 LAUNCH EVENTS:  On Saturday, Sept. 17 (9/17), facilities around the country will host trial and fittings days for new Titleist 917 drivers and fairways. For more information and a list of participating facilities, golfers should visit Titleist.ca/917Event.

Flagstick.com staff will be evaluating the new 917 Drivers and Fairways this week and will follow up with addition content.