New Life For Golf Brands TopFlite and Maxfli

Top Flite Gamer Tour
Top Flite Gamer Tour
Top Flite Gamer Tour

In a time when many golf equipment brands are disappearing or shrinking, two familiar names are rising back to prominence. That is the case for Maxfli and Top Flite who are now distributed in Canada by GolfWorks, based in Ottawa, Ontario.

GolfWorks General Manager Jon O’Coin says the two companies are having an increasing role in their wide product offerings that are well beyond the golf club making equipment they were once most known for selling.

Distribution of Maxfli and Top Flite brands had stalled for both Canada but with the new exclusive GolfWorks distribution deal they will be able to tackle the retail and trade market in a whole new way.

The program launched this past January and O’Coin says the response has been very strong.  On the trade side they are working with a number of key retailers (Giant Tiger for example, with others on the way) for their product as well as forging relationships with green grass shops.  To that effect he has a trade representative in place growing their reach for golf balls products and other licensed accessories and clubs that fall under their brands. The heart being the golf ball products.

“Our only problem has been trying to keep up with enough product for our customers,” says O’Coin.  “Between both brands there are a lot of great products in a wide range of price points.”

Within the Top Flite golf ball brand there are various lines offered including the XL, D2+. and Gamer balls, starting at just a price point very attractive for golfers who need  “ammunition” in volume.  XL products start at about $13.95 a dozen.

The new Maxfli ball line, targeted at a player who prefers a little more spin and a soft urethane cover, has five lines ranging from a three piece ball all the way to the top of the line 6 piece model.  They top out at around $48.

Although the Maxfli and Top Flite products can be ordered through the GolfWorks catalogue or website, O’Coin wants to ensure as easy access as possible for golfers across Canada.  It’s why they are focused on green grass accounts, where golf is being played.

Small retailers can access the products without a huge commitment, something not always possible with big name manufacturers.  That will likely help it gain ground in smaller pro shops and retailers throughout the country.

“The long term plan is to have sales agents across Canada as well as an in-house sales force,” says O’Coin, who mentioned they will continue to expand their product lines available for consumers and retailers.

“The brand has been absent for a few years so our marketing approach will be to make golfers re-discover the brands again.  It’s almost like we are launching a new company that has some recognition and history.  The Top Flite Brand has that recognition as the ball many of us played with over the years and Maxfli brand was strong with better players. It’s a nice mix.”

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