New Scotty Cameron Select Putters Revealed

Scott Cameron Select models (2016) (Photo: Titleist)
Scott Cameron Select models (2016) (Photo: Titleist)
Scott Cameron Select models (2016) (Photo: Titleist)

Orlando, Florida – One of constants here at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando is the parade of celebrities manufacturers bring out to endorse their products and attract a little attention to their booth. Among a place where almost every key product person for ever major golf manufacturers is present for a few days, it should be the geniuses behind the products being introduced that get the attention of the attendees but tour players tend to be the big draw. That, unless you are Scotty Cameron.

The putter maker for Titleist carries with him a cult-like status at that translates to the expansive floor of the PGA Merchandise Show. He is mobbed by those seeking information, an autograph, or a picture with the man himself. The displays of his craftmanship (and even the headcovers) in the Titleist booth here draw some of the most intense crowds you’ll witness.

This will likely be no different this year as Titleist rolls out the new Scotty Cameron Select putters, a family of flat sticks that is marked by a new face inlay technology.

There are seven new putters as part of the new offerings, all set to hit retail on April 8th.

Within them Cameron was able to bring designs to market that feature some new shapes and will match up with the different strokes. They each include the use of three multi-material construction and a new face inlay that promises to take Scotty Cameron putters in a new direction with feel.

“This new Select line promotes feel while expanding what’s possible with performance,” said Master Craftsman Scotty Cameron. “We’ve extended the methodology of our proven multi-material technology to include new stainless steel inlays for blades, as well as aluminum inlays for the mid-mallet models. The result is a better look, a better sound, a better feel and a better product.”

In most putters to date the face insert resides in the centre of the face; in the new Select models they arrive from the sole area, wrapping around and upward to become invisible by the player at address.

The new models:

  • New Select Newport, Newport 2 and Newport 2.5 models, the next generation of Scotty’s longtime tour favorites, are modern heel-and-toe weighted blades designed to support flowing strokes. Each model features a sole-to-topline 303 stainless steel inlay that is precision mid-milled and hand-buffed to a brilliant, metallic finish, then bonded to the stainless steel body using high-tech vibration dampening material. This fusion of materials provides golfers with responsive feel and feedback at impact.
  • New Select Newport 2 Notchback – a slightly larger, angular modern blade with a notched flange – features a sole-to-topline 6061 aircraft grade aluminum inlay anodized in gunmetal gray. The lightweight aluminum inlay, bonded to the stainless steel body with vibration dampening material, enhances sound and feel while moving more weight from the stainless steel to the perimeter for improved MOI and stability.
  • New Select Newport M1 and Newport M2 mid-mallets combine a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum inlay with Scotty’s face-sole pop-through technology. The face-sole is a single piece of lightweight aluminum that comprises the face inlay, wraps down and around to create the midsection of the sole and pops through the flange to create the sightline field. This construction concentrates weight on the perimeter to produce higher MOI and stability for “straight back/straight through” strokes. The lightweight aluminum face-sole is fine tuned for sound and feel through vibration dampening material attached to the stainless steel core.

“While performance is always the end goal, I first design for aesthetics. Initially, a design has to appeal to the eye. But, when you examine the components, you can appreciate the technology that goes into creating these amazing new putters,” Cameron said. “I’ve worked with insert ideas for years. This is the culmination of my research, the various inlays we’ve developed for this new line.”

A new Select Newport 2 Notchback Dual Balance model is also available for those players who prefer a Newport-style head but need maximum stability in their stroke. Like all Dual Balance models, Newport 2 Notchback DB has a 50-gram heavier head (400 grams total) and a 50-gram counterweight in the butt of the shaft. This configuration helps many players make a proper stroke where the butt of the shaft remains pointed at the midsection.

The entire family of new Select putters has the addition of two, customizable heel and toe weights for greater stability and the heads are matched with stepless steel shafts and Red Matador Mid-Size grips. The larger grip model provides even more stability to the stroke but without being so large as to compromise feel.

We’ll catch up the man himself, Scotty Cameron, on the floor here at the PGA Show and get even more feedback on how the new Select models are extending the superb reputation of their Cameron putter franchise. That is, of course, if we can keep his many fans from barging in our scheduled appointment.

When you’re talking a “rock star” of the golf industry in a room with 40,000 members of the golf community, you just never know what could happen.


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