Off To See The Wizards

Working in the golf industry, I get to answer a lot of questions about the game.  And when I have success in addressing those inquiries the next query is usually, “how do you know this stuff?”  Well, it’s not magic and I don’t make it up – I just try to talk to the real experts as much as possible!

I’ll have another opportunity to do so this coming week.  While most of my fellow Canadians will be enjoying the last day of the August long weekend, on Monday I will be getting on a plane for a 28-hour interlude south of Boston to check out some 2012 products from industry giant, Titleist on their home turf.  That includes a visit to their product-testing centre at Manchester Lane.

The big focus will be on the 712 irons, which many people have already seen photos of on the Team Titleist website and other web entitities like GolfWRX.com.

By the end of the day on Tuesday I should have some good insight on the design of the irons, the look and feel I perceive from actual testing, and maybe quite a few more tidbits on what the company is up to in the year ahead.

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