First Look: PING Brings Vault Series Putters To Market

PING Vault Series (Oslo, Bergen)
PING Vault Series (Anser 2, Voss)
PING Vault Series (Anser 2, Voss)

Canadian Brooke Henderson has already used one of the models in her success on the LPGA Tour and now consumers can get their hands on the PING Vault series putters as well.

Four models, all inspired by the famous PING Golf Putter Vault, have been introduced. All feature designs that use exacting standards for production.

“The PING Vault Series recognizes our unequalled putter success on tour since 1959 and continues our focus to advance the design and process of making putters,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “The precision and craftsmanship in these putters is amazing. They look great and perform in every respect. The blades are clean and simple while the mallets provide added alignment cues and more stability. With all four models being available in either a Platinum or Slate finish, golfers can easily find one to fit their stroke and eye.”

The line features two blades (Voss and Anser 2) and two mallets, the Oslo used by Henderson, and the Bergen. Retail arrival will begin on August 25th in limited quantities.

The later-than-expected arrival of full inventory comes due to a high demand at the TOUR level, according to Solheim.

“Since launching the PING Vault putters on tour in June we’ve had considerable interest, which has put our delivery schedule a little behind,” Solheim said. “These putters require a lot of time and precision in the manufacturing process. The higher demand means golfers may have to wait a couple of extra weeks to get one in their bag. It will be well worth the wait.”

Each model features PING True Roll (TR) face technology where the varied face milling contributes to more consistent ball roll from contacts across the entire putter face.

The Blades

The blade models are fully machined from 303 stainless steel forged billets, ensuring the highest quality and precision in design and manufacturing while delivering a tremendous look, feel and sound. The Voss is a new design that features a ball-width cavity and sloped heel-toe weights for precise setup. “The new Voss has a great look and is incredibly simple and clean,” Solheim said. “The cavity is exactly ball width so when you set up you’re ready to go. The continued popularity and tour success of the Anser 2 made it an obvious choice to be part of the PING Vault line. It’s a classic design that never goes out of style.”

The Mallets

The bodies of the Oslo and Bergen are milled from 6061 T-6 aluminum on-site in PING’s machine shop where craftsmen oversee every precise detail, including milling of the new TR face technology. The improved stability and roll characteristics result from stainless steel bottom weighting, which boosts MOI and lowers the CG. Both models feature a precision double-bend shaft that can be adjusted to match either a Slight Arc or Straight stroke type.

The Oslo is a simpler mallet with a smaller footprint and lower-level sightline. The Bergen features a raised ball-width crown alignment aid similar to the award-winning Ketsch model. “The Oslo and Bergen are high-performance designs in the mallet category where we’ve enjoyed great success in recent years with models like the Ketsch,” Solheim said. “They are easy to align and offer tremendous stability due to the extremely high MOI. In addition to a primary sight line, the precise milling lines provide subtle reminders to improve alignment.”

Solheim said the new model names are a tribute to his father, Karsten Solheim, and his home country of Norway. “He was born in Bergen more than 100 years ago. Oslo is the country’s capital and Voss is a beautiful town known for its outdoor activities. We think it’s a nice way to further his legacy.”

Each model comes in various fitting options and finishes. They will retail at approximately (CDN) $400.

The new PING Pistol (PP62) grip is standard on all four models.

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