Preview: Callaway Brings Jailbreak Tech To Big Bertha Hybrids – Reveals New Irons Under Same Name

As “Jailbeak” technology from Callaway Golf found a niche among golf equipment buyers over the last couple years, one question often came forward from them. When will it be available in Hybrids?

We now have an answer and it will be January 18, 2019.

The internal structure technology that Callaway leans on to provide more ball speed potential for golfers off their drivers and fairways is making an appearance in the new Big Bertha Hybrids.

Yes, in an era when companies are reaching for catchy names to drive their marketing pushes, Callaway has stuck with the tried and true Big Bertha. In my opinion, it’s a great course of action as the validity of the product under the moniker is well-established, especially within the target market they are chasing with this product. Since 1991 millions of golfers seeking to supplement their skills (or lack of refinement in them) with forgiving gear that bumps up their average distances, often turning to those under the Big Bertha name, so these new products continue that tradition.

But these are not the Big Bertha products of last century. Thankfully. Those were groundbreaking in their time but the latest are a step further toward squeezing a little more joy from the sport.

Most of us play the game to have a good time and maybe smile once or twice. (or more). Golf clubs that help make that happen are always welcomed, despite the dinosaurs that roam social media who would prefer you take up the sport with a thin blade, a chunk of wood and a feather-filled sphere. The sport is hard enough.

So, that brings us to clubs like the new Big Bertha Hybrids and irons.

The phrases “easy-to-hit” and “easy-to-launch” are bandied about in relation to them, and that’s a good thing.

In the new Big Bertha (BB) hybrids, available in six lofts (3H-8H), you’ll find the fast face technology of Jailbreak (which uses two internal bars to stiffen the face) along with an adjustable hosel to help you fine tune the fit. At the front of the club you’ll find a super-thin Carpenter 455 steel face in a Hyper Speed Cup formation for that extra “pop” that many golfers crave.

Callaway Big Bertha Hybrids (2019)

Through the loft offerings you will find that the hybrids progress in design to keep them as easy to play as possible. That means a shape that creates stability so you can get more from your off-center hits.

Finishing off the new Big Bertha hybrids will be the use of the UST Recoil ESX or ZT9 shafts.

Iron Out Your Game

In concert with the Big Bertha hybrids, Callaway is re-grouping the BB iron line-up under a new design. It is a natural evolution of the last two models, which appeared in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Past iterations have been focused on the introduction of elements of structure changes like 360 Face Cup technology and EXO-Cage, to both strengthen the clubheads and introduce the opportunity to deliver more ball speed. The latest variation extends that trait.

2019 Callaway Golf Big Bertha irons

This time Callaway says they are utilizing a formation that they term “Suspended Energy Core” which sounds impressive in marketing terms but means more when you consider the promise that comes with it. (We have yet to test them so consider this preview talk). The trio of performance benefits they claim include: “1) incredible sound and feel; 2) long, consistent distance; and 3) easy launch.”

While that will be up to the consumer to determine, the company says it is all achievable through their use of a floating Tungsten weight they have used in each head to affect centre of gravity position. The technique was employed so they could use a 3-piece head design with elements that lead to more potential ball speed.

All this is packaged in a Smoked PVD Finish that helps the rather large clubhead look a lot slimmer, making it attractive to a wider range of players.

The 4-PW sets will come in steel and graphite shafts with the Recoil ESX and Recoil ZT9 (like the hybrids) being the stock graphite options. Steel fans will see the KBS Max 90 shafts in use.

Both the irons and hybrids will be on sale come January 18, 2019 with pre-sales starting as early as the end of this month (November).


Note that golf equipment fans can expect this to be just a start to the new products introduced in the days and weeks ahead by Callaway Golf. We’ll keep you updated on them both here and via our social media channels. 

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