Preview: Callaway Golf XR OS Irons

Callaway Golf XR OS iron (Photo: Callaway Golf)
Callaway Golf XR OS iron (Photo: Callaway Golf)
Callaway Golf XR OS iron (Photo: Callaway Golf)

For some time a decade or so ago, Callaway Golf owned the average golfer iron market. Big Bertha irons were the rage among emerging players seeking out forgiveness of their swing sins and a boost to their distance woes.

As competitors closed in to get their share of this market and the company underwent some growing pains, the attraction to Callaway irons seemed to wane.

A recent resurgence of the Big Bertha name was a big plus for the company but those finding their way back to the company’s iron products are realizing that the new versions of their irons are more than an iconic brand – they address the same problems that golfers were always looking to solve.

That rings true again in 2016 as the company introduces XR OS irons, a product we have yet to test but are eager to do in a few weeks at the PGA Merchandise Show in Florida.

In a game where many struggle due to not being able to elevate the ball, the team at Callaway moved the centre of gravity lower and further back (a wider sole is the off-shoot) to help overcome that issue.

In concert with this, in the XR OS, they implemented their “face-Cup”technology” to add speed to a wider area of the club face to improve ball speeds, even on slight mis-strikes. To aid distance they have also tweaked the head lofts and shaft lengths to be a little more “progressive”.

For ease of use a set that integrates hybrids in the longer clubs is available and nobody was left out – a women’s set is also part of the offering.

They hit retail on January 22, 2016.

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