Product Feature: Ironing Out Your Game

Showcasing Some Late Season Product Releases

Once upon a time the product cycle for golf club manufacturers would see them introduce new lines a single time a season. That has changed significantly as companies look for an edge over the competition.

As such, recently a number of companies have released new irons, all looking to advance the benefits they can offer golfers.

Greater ball speeds, more forgiveness, and refined looks are just some of the features with some extolled in the new clubs, with a few companies delving deep into new categories as well.

So, with these all hitting the shelves does that mean your current irons are obsolete? Certainly not, but new offerings bring new possibilities for a better fit, sound, feel, or look.

They are worth investigating.

Have a look at some of the the new irons and head to your favourite shop to check them out and do some testing in person.

As always be sure to get fitted for optimal performance. Irons are an investment and a proper fitting can save you from making a long-term mistake.


Callaway Golf EPIC Forged

Callaway EPIC Forged

In need of a set of irons that fly disgustingly long distances? That’s not hype, it’s design and science, but if you want it, you’ll have to pay for it. Within the clubhead the company has suspended Tungsten to get the optimal placement but to do it required new technology and structure. In the mid and long irons variable face thickness (VFT) is used to promote more consistent ball speeds and spin rates.


Callaway Golf Epic Forged Star

Callaway EPIC Forged Star

Another set in the premium category, the EPIC Forged Star is simply a distance monster iron really suited to low-speed players. With a lighter head and reduced weight shaft options, they are suitable for players who have a limited ability to move the club quickly, but want yardage. Strong lofts aid this while the lofts in the women’s versions are tweaked to optimize trajectory based on speed.


Mizuno MP-20

Making use of a nickel and copper “sandwich” within the clubhead, the MP-20 returns to the roots of legendary Mizuno irons in the past to deliver a distinctively soft feel. This blade is a nod to popular designs of the past, some considered among the best iron shapes of all time. This model is not meant for use by all players, but any golfer can certainly appreciate them.


Mizuno MP-20 MMC

This is Mizuno’s second go at the multi-material concept and many golfers will be pleased that it has remained in the product range for the company. Updates include more compact short irons and a thinner top line at the upper end of the bag. The clubheads blend in the use of both Tungsten and Titanium to create a unique launch window that will fit certain players.


Mizuno MP-20 HMB

Hot…Metal..Blades. The name is intimidating but these certainly are not. If you like the look and performance of the driving irons that have come to market in the last few years, then this set will suit you. Long irons have hybrid-like performance in a more compact look. The sole is generous and rides well through the turf, yet is fairly hidden at address. Playable as a complete set or you can just blend long irons into your bag.



Targeted specifically at a segment of the women’s market, the G Le2 irons have a lot going on in a clubhead design that will benefit a lower speed golfer who sometimes struggles with an efficient strike of the golf ball. PING COR-Eye tech sees a deep undercut in the cavity to boost the “springy” nature of the face. The cavity badge deepens the sound of impact and softens the feel. Available in 6-9 iron, PW, UW, SW.


PING Blueprint

The iron that many PING enthusiasts have always been waiting for. The small 8620 carbon steel blade is right on the button for the skilled player looking to easily work the ball left or right and at varying trajectories. At the same time the resistance to twisting on off-centre hits is increased through the use of a tungsten toe screw and an internal heel weight.


PXG 0311 ST

There is more to talk about than an estimated retail price of $650 (USD) a club when it comes to discussing the PXG 0311 ST – Super Tour irons.The new sticks do something at a commercial level that until a few years ago would have only been found in one-off situations – fully shaping irons heads only using a milling process. The CNC milling process allows the club design to be accurately and precisely replicated and also ensures specifications are bang on with this narrow sole, short blade length model.


TaylorMade P-790 (V2)

It is undeniable that the P790 iron was a game changer for many players. The new version amplifies the key advantages of the original design. It does so through a more refined shape that continues to displace mass to areas where it can better aid the golfer looking for higher launch and more ball speed across a wider area of the face.


TaylorMade P·790 Ti 

TaylorMade has been no stranger in the ultra-premium iron market in Asia and now the P-790 Ti delves into that segment on a global level. These irons combine a titanium body with a stunning amount of dense Tungsten (119 grams per head), resulting in properties like a razor thin face for extra speed and a mega-low centre of gravity. Also features a Thru-Slot speed pocket for more face flexibility.


Titleist T100

What will likely be the most popular iron model in the new Titleist range has a more refined look than the company’s most-recent AP2 model. It is already getting a lot of action on TOUR with a head shape that almost looks like a blade but with many ingrained features to aid the golfer in speed and feel, even away from the centre of the face.


Titleist T200

A great combination of features, including a forged L-Face and “Max Impact” technology are showcase in the T200, so you end up with irons that can provide extra distance, but in a launch and landing profile that makes the distance usable. Stopping power comes courtesy of the high apex and steeper landing angle.


Titleist T300

The most forgiving of the new Titleist models, but it achieves it without the bulbous shape you might find in some game improvement clubs. A little larger size to inspire confidence but it achieves it without sounding hollow or being short on feel. Ball strikes slightly off-centre do not lose a significant amount of ball speed.


Titleist 620 CB

Many good players are tempted to take on a forged cavity-back set but have concerns about forgiveness, especially in the long irons. The make-up of the CB 620 design alleviates some of the issues and concerns. At address the reduced offset is eye-pleasing and aids alignment. Visually, players will also enjoy the progressive blade lengths and top lines from long to short irons. Tungsten enhancement improves flight in the 3 and 4 iron.


Titleist 620 MB

Still a club for purists with a sleek shape using a one-piece forging of soft carbon steel. The set blends nicely with the 620 CB models so an option could always be to play the MB in the shorter irons for even greater trajectory control. Assuring your start lines and alignment is a snap with very little offset. The clean look is enhanced by a brushed chrome finish and the Titleist script as the only graphic.


Tour Edge HL4 irons

The Hot Launch product line has everything many players need in a golf club, including at an affordable price. The shallow head design and wide sole really pushes a lot of mass low in the clubhead, making the golf ball easier to launch, even for low clubhead speed players.


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