Product Preview – Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrids

The Ben Hogan VKTR hybrids blend beautifully with their new irons (photo: Ben Hogan Golf)
The Ben Hogan VKTR hybrids blend beautifully with their new irons (photo: Ben Hogan Golf)
The Ben Hogan VKTR hybrids blend beautifully with their new irons (photo: Ben Hogan Golf)

Orlando, Florida – After a very noteworthy debut in 2015, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company is expanding their product line in 2016. It will include new VKTR (victor) hybrid golf clubs.

We tested these today here at the demo day for the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show here in Central Florida and were left impressed.

“It is no secret that Mr. Hogan was a precise long iron player,” said Terry Koehler, President/CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “But we also have found prototype clubs in his personal collection dating back to the 1960s that would have to be classified as ‘hybrids’. Our goal with the VKTR product line was to make a set of hybrids that combine the feel and shotmaking capabilities of an iron with the performance and playability of a utility club. We believe these VKTR hybrids are the kind of clubs that Mr. Hogan would have enjoyed playing.”

With the help from key design people known previously for their hybrid work at Adams Golf, Ben Hogan Golf has created their own long iron alternative to enhance trajectory without sacrificing control.

The sound of impact with the ball was more iron-like than expected and the compact head shape was easy to use from clean lies, rough, and even divots. The high toe design strengthens the look, making it more iron-like and allowing the clubs to appear more “square” at address.

Rolled out in every loft from 17-27 degrees (11 lofts), players can fine tine their fitting to get the right lofts for them. The 17 degree model served up a piercing flight when necessary but had enough height that the angle of descent could still provide some stopping power if necessary.  The 20 degree model launched a couple degrees higher than a similar lofted iron but dropped in a from a higher trajectory.

Turf interaction was also strong with the VKTR, although the leading edge had some digging tendency on steeper angles of attack.

The heads are enhanced by interchangeable 18g and 2g weight to manipulate the centre of gravity and altering the shot shape control.

“The majority of golfers find hybrids lacking as efficient long-range approach clubs because of the low spin rates generally found in today’s alternatives,” added Koehler. “The VKTR design and perimeter weighting system creates the proper launch angle and spin rates needed to generate the ideal ball flight to hold greens from long range. Our independent robot testing shows that the VKTR hybrid results in an increase in spin rates and angle of descents with consistent distance control.”

As a Ben Hogan Golf staff member outlined to Flasgtick.com on Tuesday, they are working on structuring a more direct relationship with golf consumers in Canada by setting up an effective distribution method north of the border. It’s not fully in place yet but be assured, they are working on it.

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