Product Watch: Cleveland Golf RTX-4 Wedges

For nearly four decades Cleveland Golf has been a mainstay in the short game equipment market. While consumer trends have ebbed and flowed, even when they have expanded and explored other equipment segments, the company has remained true to its dedication to the part of game that matters for most – scoring.

Their next step in their short game product evolution was unveiled late last week – the Cleveland Golf RTX 4 wedges. The company calls it their “most tour-authentic wedge of all-time”. What exactly does that mean? They have a lot of features that have been asked for on tour by the best players in the world – their latest face technologies, preferred shaping, and more grind offerings.

“With the new RTX 4, we spared no expense in trying to achieve the best possible wedge for the best players in the world, and then bring that wedge to the consumer,” said John Rae, Vice President at Cleveland Golf. “We worked tirelessly with our tour staff to refine every detail of the wedge and its shape to fit their needs.”

The RTX name comes of the milling process the company uses on the clubface and they claim that in this 4th life cycle the wedges produce the most spin to date due to sharper grooves, “aggressive face milling”, and “more precise laser milling.”

“It feels like the ball is really spinning off the face,” says tour staffer Shane Lowry. “There are extra little grooves in there, which makes it spin more and it definitely does spin more.”

An upgrade in the new models that is most apparent if the four new sole grinds including one the company calls the “XLOW” grind designed to tackle tight and tricky greenside shots.

“I mean it’s got that soft feel which is so nice,” notes former U.S. Open Champion Graeme McDowell. “I really love the bounce profile here. I like the feeling of using the back bounce on the wedge so, when I look at that, it’s something that really appeals to me.”


Cleveland’s RTX 4 wedges are offered in a variety of different degrees and grinds. The FULL Sole grind is offered in 56 through 60 degrees, the ●●MID Sole grind is offered in 46 through 60 degrees, the ●LOW Sole grind is offered in 56 through 64 degrees, and the XLOW Sole grind is offered in 58 and 60 degree lofts. The wedges are available in three different finishes, (Tour Satin, Black Satin and Tour Raw) and left and right-handed options.

They will be available at retail on September 14, 2018.


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