Product Watch: Dial In Your Distances With The Myardage App

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Most golfers these days have some sort of device to help them calculate yardage. Whether that is a laser rangefinder or a Global Positioning System (GPS) watch, the ability to know how far you want to hit your next shot has become increasingly important, and available to the golfer. Yes, we still need to be able to hit a club to that yardage, but what if the yardage isn’t actually correct based on other playing conditions?

Golfers will know what I am speaking of. Maybe you play your regular game at your home club in Toronto where the altitude averages about 550 feet. Then you head off to a golf trip with your friends in Myrtle Beach – altitude near zero. When you do, is a yard still a yard? It is, but it isn’t. Altitude, temperature, and humidity can affect ball flight. So how we do we adjust for that?

For some players that means spending time with their golf coach on a launch monitor to calculate these adjustments. But not everyone has access to a $30,000 piece of technology like that. So what if you could have the ability to make those calculations on your personal phone and it cost you just $6.99 (USD) to have that permanently available to you?

The Myardage app makes that possible.

Created by Keven and Jeff Tipping of Victoria, B.C., the app launched on November 26, 2017 and is starting to gain momentum. It took six years to develop the app and complete its long list of features. The result is a lot of value for a small fee. We tested it recently and found it easy to use, and a keeper as far as Golf Apps are concerned.

Apparently a growing  number of players are also discovering that. Word is the App is already in use on various professional tours (practice only) and by some top amateurs.

The core of the App is a high precision calculator with an easy to read display ready to help you with your shot calculations. But that’s just a start.

Currently only available on iOS, if you have an iPhone or iPad with GPS and an active internet connection it will automatically pick up the weather and elevation for your current calculation to aid on-the-spot adjustments.

Using either a variety of default club settings or customized ones to suit you, you can determine the adjusted yardage for a shot, taking into account altitude, temperature, and even barometric pressure.

It’s simple to use, very intuitive, and for the player who really wants to hone in their club selection, it is extremely useful.

For those who travel to play golf, even within their own country, it will help you perform better. And even it helps you win just one bet with your golf buddies, it will more than pay for itself.

Find it through their website here.

6 Comments on Product Watch: Dial In Your Distances With The Myardage App

  1. I use this app already and it is DEADLY. It was really helpful playing in the winter time when the ball was flying 10% shorter… it’s tough to adjust mentally to hitting a 7i 15 yards shorter than I do in the summer, but VOILA myardage gives me the confidence to hit the shot! Totally worth the 7$

  2. Used MYARDAGE app on two recent rounds, one on a warmer afternoon and one on a cool morning. Definitely an advantage knowing the distance differences based on the temperature changes!!!

  3. This app is all about confidence for me and I don’t have to change the way I play golf. I assess my carry distance need and Myardage has my back! Brilliant idea!

  4. This app looks interesting. At the end of the day I’ll probably use it half my rounds. One buddies trip in particular where the elevation is way different than my home. I am forever guessing and wrong lots. Not anymore. I’m winning this year!

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