Product Watch: PXG Launches Mini Gunboat Putters

The big boy just got a little buddy.

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) has revealed a smaller version of their popular Gunboat putter model. There will be two models, the Mini Gunboat and the Mini Gunboat H, a version that PXG staffer Charles Howell III was spotted using in late summer.

The more compact Mini Gunboat putters offer the same type of alignment aids and high resistance to twisting that the original does, but in a more compact variation preferred by some players.

“Tour player feedback is critical in the development of new product, whether it be for tour level play or for the everyday golfer,” said PXG founder Bob Parsons. “The Mini Gunboat sets up beautifully and is an excellent option for golfers who want those traits of a mallet-style putter, but prefer a smaller profile.”

Key Features – But Shorter and More Shallow

Similarities to the full Gunboat putter carry through in the use of billet-milled 304 stainless steel insert, TPE core technology and a perimeter weighting system. Approximately six-percent shorter from heel to toe and twenty-percent shallower front-to-back than its predecessor, the Mini Gunboat supports consistent performance across the face and an incredibly soft feel.

Named for the naval watercraft designed to carry one or more guns to bombard coastal targets, the Mini Gunboat is available in two options – the Mini Gunboat and the Mini Gunboat H. The former has a single-bend shaft that creates a face-balanced hang angle and a full-shaft offset, while the latter provides a mid-toe down hang angle and a half-shaft offset.