Product Watch: Srixon Introduces Two New Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE Color Options

SRIXON has added two more colour options to the Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE introduced earlier this year. The new colour-ways are Yellow/Blue and Yellow/Orange, to complement the original Yellow/Red.

The ball is unique in the current marketplace in that it is a high-performance products but offers the visibility and visual spin feedback provides by a cover divided evenly between two colours over each half of the ball.

“We were extremely excited to launch the Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE (Yellow/Red) back in April, and the feedback since inception has exceed all expectations,” said Brian Schielke, General Manager of Srixon North America. “By adding these two new color offerings, we’re expanding the reach of this popular golf ball. Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE is really a golf ball that everyone must try for themselves.”

See the original announcement for golf ball details.