Product Watch – Srixon Q-Star Ball Update

Srixon Q-Star

A popular 2-piece ball for Srixon Golf is getting an update.

The company says a new version of the Srixon Q-Star golf ball will debut in North America on August 18, 2017.

Available in white and yellow versions, the company claims they claims that in the Q-Star they make use of some of the technologies used in their premium tour balls but in a more durable and affordable option.

“The Q-STAR’s built-in tour technologies should help golfers see great performance in every aspect of their golf game,” said Michael Ross, Senior Product Manager at Srixon. “This is the golf ball for players who seek maximum playability from a more durable, 2-piece design.”

Upgrades for the ball come in the core, cover composition, and dimple pattern. The goal for the combination is to increase the control and distance for the user.

The key technologies inside the new Q-STAR include a lower compression “Energetic Gradient Growth Core” for better feel, a third generation “Spin Skin” coating to help deliver consistent spin rates, even from the rough, and a “338 Speed” dimple pattern on the cover to reduce drag during flight.

You will get all that for around (USD) $25 a dozen come mid-August.




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