Product Watch: TaylorMade Stealth UDI and Stealth DHY

Just in time for stinger season…

Face it, not every player derives confidence from looking down at the fully evolved hybrid club. Whether they are impacted by early designs that had a draw bias, don’t prefer the aesthetics, or find themselves struggling due to the gear effect of a long-iron filler club with bulge and roll, there is likely no convincing them to out one in the bag.

In steps long-iron style hyrbid clubs. Generally with a thinner topline, a more compact appearance, and less “help” in the form of heel or toe gear effect on mis-hits, they have filled a void. In the past Taylormade has delved into this niche market with their prior UDI and DHY clubs, and they are now introducing them within their Stealth line of products. It’s well timed with the bouncy turf of summer rearing up and many of their tour staff players current playing in the 150th edition of The Open to follow. These style clubs intersect perfectly with the conditions on the links lands – firm ground and heavy winds that are to be avoided.

Both new clubs lean on the previously introduced SpeedFoam™ Air used internally to affect golf ball launch, sound and feel in the clubs, and even impact distance.

“With Stealth UDI and DHY, we designed two different, yet similar options to provide versatility and forgiveness that can be a massive advantage for golfers in between their fairway woods and longest irons,” says Matt Bovee, TaylorMade Golf’s Director of Product Creation for irons. “By incorporating SpeedFoam Air from our P·790 irons and re-imagining the shaping of both UDI and DHY, we created the opportunity for the everyday golfer to be able to rely on two different options at the top of the bag: Stealth UDI with a lower trajectory and more penetrating ball flight and Stealth DHY that flies a little higher and lands softer. With these products, golfers will be able to take flight in the ways that best suits their game and properly gap the top of their bags.”

The Stealth UDI and DHY utilize many proven technologies along with new technological features not seen before in TaylorMade UDI and DHY irons. The forged 4140 steel L-Face with inverted cone technology, combined with a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™, provide ample distance, forgiveness and workability.

Sound and feel are tuned for great response with the use of a new SpeedFoam Air that is 69 percent less dense, giving the design engineers more discretionary mass for optimizing the center of gravity, without sacrificing on damping. Not only can these irons fill the gap in the bag, but they can also be tailored to the individual player and conditions of the day, quickly and easily. 

There are multiple cosmetic changes to the Stealth UDI and DHY featuring a mirror polish black chrome on the toe, while keeping the monochromatic theme with a slight hint of red to tie into the rest of the Stealth™ family.


The ultimate blend of control and versatility, Stealth UDI is a powerful option from the tee or the turf. Delivering a low launch with mid-to-low spin in a forgiving head design, it’s built for forgiving long iron shots and stingers alike.

Stealth UDI offers a traditional address view with Tour-inspired shaping, a narrower sole width (compared to DHY) and less offset than its predecessors. It’s built to meet the eye of better ball strikers, but offers an enhanced level of forgiveness compared to standard long irons.

The weight placement on Stealth UDI is right behind impact, thus the center of gravity (CG) has been positioned for a lower ball flight, while creating the spin required to shape shots. The CG of Stealth UDI is comparable to that of P·790, but Stealth UDI has a wider sole for better playability.


Designed for power and forgiveness, Stealth DHY delivers a mid-to-low ball flight with distance properties that rival traditional hybrids in an iron-like profile. Stealth DHY has an inviting address profile, longer blade length and wide sole, creating a generous strike zone that inspires confidence. A rounded heel toe radius enhances playability and turf interaction.

Stealth DHY Lifestyle 3

The weight placement on Stealth DHY is positioned in the sole of the club creating a lower CG making it more playable and easier to launch than a traditional iron. That lower CG creates a higher launch than Stealth UDI giving players the option to choose the launch that best suits their game.


Stealth UDI DHY Family 5

Stealth UDI and DHY feature Aldila ASCENT Black (100X, 90S for UDI and 75S, 65R, 55A for DHY) shafts and Super Stroke S-Tech (50g) grips.

Stealth UDI is available in 18°, 20° and 23° for right-handed golfers and 18° and 20° for left-handed golfers. DHY is available in 17°, 19°, 22° and 25° for right-handed golfers and 19° and 22° for left-handed golfers.

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