Ready For Launch – PING G700 Irons

PING G700 Irons

PING is a golf company built on engineering and when their design team was given the task to create an iron without a lot of constraints you would expect something distinctive. G700, please step forward.

The trouble in most iron designs that is that there are limits on how much area of the club face will provide maximum ball speeds. The G700 addressed the need, to amplify it by using a hollow construction design. It’s a more complicated and expensive way to build an iron, but the PING team assured us during discussions that the advantages more than make up for any downside.

“The desire for golfers to hit their irons farther continues to grow,” said PING President John K. Solheim. “We want to provide options that greatly increase distance without sacrificing other performance attributes, such as consistency, forgiveness and feel. With the G700 iron, we’ve been able to accomplish all of that in a very appealing design with a sound that screams distance from the moment golfers hit it.”

Built around a stainless steel frame, the thin face is made of maraging steel to get the maximum allowable flex and ball speeds, while heightening feel, often lost in some hollow-body designs.

With the hollow shape, more in line with a wood, hybrid, or crossover, higher launch windows are also achievable, for all levels of golfers.

“We’re seeing significant ball-speed increases in the G700 while maintaining the consistency and control golfers need to improve their iron play,” said Solheim. “It also has a great overall look, especially at address, and a premium finish. When golfers hit it, they’ll experience a sensation and sound that’s unlike any they’ve ever felt or heard.”

One thing very notable about the G700 from our time spent with them was the look. It was much sleeker than expected, without a huge amount of offset and a fairly thin sole width for a product in this category.

The Hydro-Pearl finish also gives it a premium appearance.

Club availability will be 4-9, PW, UW, SW in 10 colour codes (lie angle) with Black as standard.

Given the design and features, there is a greater emphasis on stock graphite shafts with the standard trio being the Alta CB (counter-balanced) powered by AWT, UST Recoil 760 ES SMACWRAP (A), UST Recoil 780 ES SMACWRAP (R, S). The stock steel shaft is the PING AWT 2.0 (R, S, X).

For those looking to fill their golf bags with G700 irons this year, they can start shopping on March 29th when they ship to retail.

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