Season Stretchers – Higher Launching Clubs

It’s hard to believe that are already considering the end of the golf season in the larger part of Canada. While there are a few months left to play, the environment gets a little more challenging. To get the most out of this time we often require some adaptions in equipment, clothing, and accessories.

The weather is cooler, the golf ball flies and rolls a little less, and the turf can get a little mushy. To that end we are providing a compendium of products to help you take the golf year deep into the calendar.

Once we hit the depth of winter we don’t want you to have any regrets about the rounds you COULD have played. Get them in while you can with the help of the following products:

Higher Launching Clubs

As the golf season moves into Fall in Canada we need to take advantage of golf clubs to maximize, or maintain, the distance we can hit the golf ball. With the turf tending to soften at this time of year that means playing the ball more through the air, depending on carry versus roll. To achieve that we either adjust our clubs if they have a hosel that allows that or substitute other clubs into our golf bags. Here are three that promote a higher trajectory.

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

The titanium driver, which has no hosel adjust-ability, lives up to its name with the ability to push the ball high into the air. The sound and feel are pleasing and at a price slightly less than other premium products, it will be a viable option for many. www.clevelandgolf.com

PING G400 Hybrid

PING metal have gained a solid following and that includes their hybrids. The G400 is as hit as they come with a deep and low centre of gravity and a maraging steel face. The thinner face provides higher ball speeds and works with the design to help launch the ball easily from all lies. www.ping.com

TaylorMade GAPR Hi

The largest of the three GAPR models, GAPR HI features an ultra-low/back CG for maximum distance and a high, penetrating trajectory. Where the HI differs from the other 2 models is its shaping, which features modern Rescue™ shaping with a high-toe, peanut shaped clubhead. The dropped crown feature provides lower CG and improved alignment. www.taylormadegolf.ca