Simplicity The Way Forward For Miura With Their New Wedges

The name “Miura Golf” has only risen in respect in the golf equipment community and while many of their club designs have become increasingly complex, their appreciation for simpler things has not been lost.

That is readily apparent in their new wedge series which a has very refined look yet incorporates subtle design changes to help improve player performance, according to the company.

“The new Wedge Series preserves the timeless elements of the old Series and incorporates modifications that make these clubs a pleasure to play,” says Hoyt McGarity, President of Miura Golf.

The company designers says they have adjusted the bounce angles from previous models to improve turf interaction, to create less turf resistance. That is aided bu a more rounded leading edge to prevent digging.

The S25C soft carnon steel heads are finished in satin chrome with lofts available from 51 to 59 degrees in two degree increments.

“It takes the mind of an engineer and a soul of an artist to create these golf clubs. That’s the spirit behind Miura’s new 2018 Wedge Series,” added McGarity. staff have a lob wedge on the way for testing and we will provide addition feedback after that is complete.

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