“Super” New Products From Adams Golf

The Adams Golf SUPER S driver (Photo: Adams Golf)
The Adamd Golf SUPER LS Hybrid (Photo: Adams Golf)
The Adams Golf SUPER LS Hybrid (Photo: Adams Golf)

After the acquisition of Adams Golf earlier this year by TaylorMade-adidas Golf it left many to ponder what future Adams Golf products would look like.  Golfers now have the answer as the wrappers are  off the Adams products that will hit retail for 2013.

When the deal finally closed this past June TaylorMade President and CEO Mark King stated “Uniting the talents of the TaylorMade-adidas Golf and Adams Golf research and development departments will help us develop even better equipment for the target consumers of both brands.”

It appears he might just be right in that assessment when you consider just the look alone of the new Adams products and the features they offer.  The liberal use of white finishes certainly provides a link with the TaylorMade family of products by itself.

Adams Golf claims the use of the matte white crowns makes the club appear larger to inspire more confidence while aiding in alignment.

The gear comes in two flavours,  the SUPER LS and SUPER S lines.


The SUPER LS models feature the latest technology from the company and are targeted at better players while the S range serves up more moderately priced products with the designs that best benefit the average golfer.

“The SUPER LS product lineup is packed with a lot of technology,” said Tim Reed, VP of R&D of Adams Golf.  “The goal of the SUPER LS line was to provide golfers with clubs that give them exceptional performance in every category.”

Most distinctive in the SUPER LS Driver is the first use of the Velocity Slot Technology in the big stick by the company.  The SUPER LS fairways and hybrids also employ VST and multi-material construction.  The clubheads combine a stainless steel sole and a titanium face and crown.

The SUPER LS line will also feature a matte white crown, which makes the apparent size of the clubhead larger for added confidence at address.  The crown combined with a contrasting PVD face makes the clubs easy to align.

The SUPER LS driver employs fitting technology that allows for the adjustment of lie and loft up to a single degree for each of the three available driver heads. (8.5, 9.5.and 10.5).

The fairway wood has even a greater range of options.  On top of three standard lofts of 13, 15, and 18 degrees there are extra configurations for each club with 16 tunable settings.  Like previous Adams Golf fairways it is hot, weighing in at 250 for CT, just 6 less than the maximum allowed by the Rules of Golf.

The SUPER LS Hybrids carry over the same CT rating and are already finding their way into PGA Tour bags.  Six loft options include 15, 17, 19, 22, 25, and 28 degrees.


Because they share similar technologies yet are intended for use by a different range of golfer, Adams Golf says they maintained the SUPER name to show all the new clubs as a true “family”.

“We felt it was important to give the whole line a common name since they all share many of the same technologies,” said Tim Reed, VP of R&D for Adams Golf.  “The SUPER S family of clubs at its core, is designed with the idea of making golf more enjoyable.”

The SUPER S grouping includes a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and a set of irons.

The driver is designed for maximum speed with a 46 inch shaft and bringing past Adams “Speed” designs into play with the tapered off trailing edge of the head.  The driver is adjustable up to two degrees to help the golfer maximize ball flight.

The SUPER S fairways and hybrids have a slightly larger profile then their LS brethren for more stability, to promote a higher ball flight, and to give the golfer the feel of having more “club” at address.

The new SUPER S irons carry the developments that Adams discovered in producing their hybrids into the iron design, making them extremely effective for the average golfer.

Full details on the SUPER family of Adams Golf products are now on their website  (www.adamsgolf.com).  They all start arriving at retail in late January, 2013.

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