TaylorMade Officially Unveils M3 and M4 Metalwoods (Video)

TaylorMade M3 Driver

They won’t hit retail until February 16th but expect to see some of TaylorMade’s new M3 and M4 metalwoods in the bags of players this week on the PGA TOUR.

In advance of that, the company has officially released details on the products. Several photos of the drivers have appeared online in various spots over the last number of weeks but they barely gave a glimpse into the depth of the product features.

After examining product details for the last couple weeks in preparation for today, we created an overall look at the TaylorMade M3 and M4 drivers, fairways, and rescues in the video below.

We have yet to test the products but expect to be doing so in the next few weeks. We can provide more feedback at that point.

Pay particular note to the “Twist Face” technology which will be the focal point for these drivers.

The concept is to “twist” the club face to provide more correction to the off-centre ball strikes that afflict a large body of golfers – those off the high toe and the low heel.

High Toe strikes often create a golf shot that dives left and goes low due to low spin and gear effect caused by a strike outside the centre of gravity. In the new TaylorMade models the high toe area of the face is “twisted” open with more loft, softening the usual effect.

Conversely, gear effect caused by roll and bulge on a clubface promotes shots with a high rate of spin when struck of the low heel area of a head. To mitigate this slightly TaylorMade designers have de-lofted and closed the face more in that area.

The intent is that these corrective face angles will help the golfer hit the ball straighter and a more consistent distances on these particular miss-hits. The centre of the face remains unchanged.

Of note, there have been some variations of this type of canted and varied bulge and roll in driver designs though the years, most notably by Adams (Speedline Tech, 2012) and in various Cobra products, but none seem to have pursued it to this extreme. Titleist engineers also filed a patent titled “Golf club head with twisted face angle” in 2006 and received approval in 2007 while PepsiCo, the owners of Wilson Golf, received a patent for bulge and roll on an inclined axis in 1984.

In a new time and era when companies are looking for an edge, TaylorMade is making the leap to bring these concept to market in a big way.



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