TaylorMade Introduces Spider Interactive Putter With Embedded Sensor Technology

So you wanted to see where technology was going next in the golf business? For TaylorMade Golf that means introducing their first product with embedded sensor technology in company history.

The company has partnered up with a growing market presence in Blast Motion to create a putter that will allow golfers to capture a wide variety of data about their putting, all built into one of the company’s more popular designs.

The new Spider Interactive Powered by Blast putter has the Blast Motion capture sensor built right into the grip in a seamless, non-intrusive design.

“When two industry leaders partner to combine innovative technology, and deliver a new user experience, it tends to set change in motion. We’ve created a powerful putting solution that analyzes a golfer’s putting stroke to provide improvement insights and help them understand how to progress through a guided improvement journey,” says Michael Fitzpatrick, Blast Motion CEO and co-founder.

To use the new putter you use a match App to display various stroke metrics, the ones already available in the standalone Blast Motion product – (backstroke time, forward stroke time, tempo), impact stroke speed and face rotation. There is a performance history and you can set goals within the various parameters that you can track as you work with a putting coach, on your own with the help of embedded training modules, or by using the tips and tutorials included in the app. The app also features video recording for additional analysis.

The co-developed app will be available on March 1 for iOS and in the second quarter for Android users.

David Abeles, CEO, TaylorMade Golf Company, notes, “TaylorMade is dedicated to enhancing the performance of golfers at all levels, from our Tour players to consumers alike. We accomplish this through creating the most innovative, paradigm-shifting products in the industry. We are continually searching for new ways to enrich the golfers’ experience with an eye toward the future of equipment technology. As such, we are delighted to partner with Blast to create an interactive training tool that enables golfers to become smarter about their game.”

The Spider Interactive Powered by Blast putter features the same design as the company’s popular Spider Tour putters. It features a 304 stainless steel frame combined with a lightweight 6061 aluminum body and a milled aluminum Pure Roll insert. The very lightweight Blast Motion sensor has little impact on the design. A plug is provided to remove the sensor for use of the putter during official tournament play.

Included with the Spider Interactive is a Blast charging pad, micro USB cable, sensor installation key, live sensor, yellow filler plug (inserted for conforming use in tournament play) and storage pouch.

The Spider Interactive Powered by Blast is available starting March 23, 2018 at $399 USD, and will be offered in an L-neck (21° toe hang) or double bend (face-balanced) hosel in 34” and 35”lengths in both RH and LH, coming in TaylorMade’s platinum colorway with a full front/back sightline in black.

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