TaylorMade Solidifies Iron Line-Up With New P760 Model

Another set of irons from TaylorMade? Is this a problem…or a solution? The P760 irons are likely the latter.

On the surface an additional set of clubs seems to fly in the face of simplifying the landscape of product offerings for TaylorMade, but in fact the introduction of the P760 will actually serve to do that.

Internally it is easy for a company to keep cranking out products and be excited about it, but retailer confusion and consumer fatigue are real issues to consider.

It appears that TaylorMade had that in mind as the new irons serve to replace two other products and incorporate some of the best features from across all their irons to create an attractive combination. No need to cobble together a set with clubs from other models to achieve the same result.

Fitting Into A Big Space

The P760 irons effectively shoulder their way in to take up the largest space in the TaylorMade iron array, with the P790 and P730 models providing the book ends. The result is a set that keeps players from cobbling together a mixed bag from various TM models by blending all the best features in one new iron. The P750 and P770 models can take a seat on the bench as the P760 takes on many of the attributes (and more) of the P770 long irons and the P750 short irons.

“With P760, we set out to design a players iron for Tour-level competition, combining all the elements that are most desirable to the better golfer,” asserts Brian Bazzel, VP of Product Creation, TaylorMade Golf . “The P760’s progressive set shaping enables short irons to be compact and precise while the long irons take on a hollow construction, injected with our revolutionary SpeedFoam. P760 is designed to inspire confidence whether you’re attacking pins from short range or sticking greens from long range.”

This is not just about look and shape progressing throughout a set, the P760 boasts a range of constructions across the entire set. The purpose bring to help the golfer produce the shots they need in each part of their golf bag.

All The Pieces

To get the P760 on track for shot optimization, TaylorMade created a set that moves from a single piece head in the shorter irons (8-PW/AW) to a hollow body design in the 3-7 irons. The short irons are forged from 1025CS (carbon steel) for a soft feel and shaped to deliver controlled trajectories. The enhancement of the long irons by using a 1025CS hollow body married to an SUS630 face material and completed with injected SpeedFoam gives them a metalwood-type construction to maximum ball speed off the face. The use of the Foam enhances the feel and keeps the sound from being annoyingly high-pitched. With a similar design as the already popular P790 models, expect these long irons to provide some extra “pop”.

A final touch with the P760 is shaping beyond the clubhead profile itself. The sole geometry of the P760 sports a chamfered leading edge for cleaner turf interaction, activating the club’s bounce without the risk of digging, all within a square look at address.

The Essentials

The TaylorMade P760 irons arrive at retail on November 2nd. Standard set make-up will be a 7-piece set (4-PW) with a #3 iron and an AW also available. The stock options will be a True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 (S300, X100) shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip.

Yes, the P760 may be yet “another” iron from TaylorMade but for most it should clear up the picture for golfers on which iron is best for them in the TM line-up.

Want the pureness of a blade? The P730 is your choice. All out distance across your full set? Hit up the P790. Overall performance? The P760 is the one you need to slide into.

No need for mixed sets anymore, the P760 is the mash-up that takes care of that in one easy solution.

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