Titleist & Callaway Bust Out New Golf Balls

If you’ve missed it we’ve made a couple story additions to our equipment blog, both profiling new golf balls.  Titleist and Callaway each revealed some new products in the last two weeks, just in time for the PGA Merchandise Show.

Titleist revealed four new golf balls; you can read about them here. You might be surprised about the options the companies is now serving up.

Callaway Golf also brought out word of some new golf balls for 2012.  First up is the new HEX Black Tour, a product you can read about at this link. They also have a new HEX Chrome ball that we tested and will talk about in a future story.

Enjoy both stories and be sure to bookmark the Product Watch Blog as we reveal plenty of more new products set to hit the market for 2012 in the coming weeks.