Experimental Titleist Golf Ball Will Land In Canada

Titleist is pulling consumers deeper into their golf ball development process. A new initiative will allow everyday golfers to purchase an experimental ball and provide feedback for the company.

The product incubation development process from any company is a mysterious one for most golfers, as it often takes years of work behind closed doors. Iteration tests are sometimes conducted with the general public in limited degrees but rarely does a “prototype” golf ball land at retail.

That has changed with the Titleist EXP•01 golf ball, what the company characterizes as featuring, “an experimental multilayer construction utilizing a new high performance urethane cover formulation and process”.

The Titleist R&D and Golf Ball Product Management teams will be actively seeking performance feedback from golfers who play EXP•01 during its availability.

EXP Project

The golf ball is part of a program called the Titleist EXP project, which will be a continuing initiative.

“The EXP Project invites golfers into the early stages of our R&D process, and allows us to broadly test experimental materials, constructions and processes that could be integrated into any segment of our golf ball line,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice-President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “EXP•01 is truly an exploratory product and there’s no better way to evaluate our progress then getting it into the hands of dedicated golfers.”

The EXP•01 includes a proprietary 346 dimple cover design, the “MTR Developmental Cover System”, and a high-speed construction core, in addition to a casing layer deigned to reduce spin on long game shots.

A one-time run of the ball, in limited quantities, will be available to dealers and consumers on October 18.

Expect pricing in the range of $55 (CDN) a dozen.



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