Titleist Adds TS1 To Driver Family

After the recent introduction of the lower spinning TS4 driver model, Titleist has added yet another fitting option with the lightweight TS1 driver.

Targeted at players with more moderate swing speeds, the 275-gram total weight club (depending on shaft option) is meant to make swinging the club more effortless.

“There are so many golfers that can benefit from the performance of TS1,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “For seniors, women, juniors – really anyone who is the moderate swing speed player – TS1 is an absolute powerhouse. You can swing as smooth and easy as you want and the ball just takes off. The distance just feels effortless.” 

“With our four new TS models – TS1, TS2, TS3 and TS4 – we know that any golfer who walks into a fitting can find a Titleist driver that will max out their speed and performance,” Talge said. 


The TS1 has all the features of the previous TS models, including a 460cc clubhead, thin crown, fast face 100% tested to be at the maximum allowable speed, the Sure-Fit 16-way adjustable hosel, and a streamlined shape.

In concert with this, the centre of gravity has been pushed back to help slower speed players achieve higher launch and optimal spin for more carry.

The head had also been matched with ultra-lightweight stock shafts,the Fujikura Air Speeder and MCA Fubuki MV (Max Velocity) that weigh in at 40 and 45 grams (L flex: 35 and 39 grams), respectively.

“TS1 is designed for golfers who have a driver swing speed of approximately 85 mph and below, and are averaging about 220 yards or less off the tee,” said Stephanie Luttrell, Director, Metalwoods Development, Titleist Golf Club R&D. “By bringing our TS technology into this extremely lightweight configuration and adding a slight draw bias, we’ve been able to produce dramatic benefits for this group of players.”

“Anytime you can give someone more clubhead speed potential, the ability for them to generate ball speed is there. What separates TS1 from other competitive lightweight products is that we haven’t had to make sacrifices, particularly with MOI and adjustability,” Luttrell said. “Everything about TS1 – from the technology package to the tour-inspired look, sound and feel – makes this a TS driver and delivers on the promise of Titleist Speed.”

The new Titleist TS1 drivers will be available in fitting locations June 20 and in golf shops June 27. Available lofts will be 9.5 (RH), 10.5 (RH/LH), 12.5 (RH).  

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