Titleist Adds “Spin Killer” TS4 To Driver Family

In the club fitting process it is common to find an near perfect driver, yet you may need a few less RPM’s of spin to maximize distance.

The new Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers manage to cover off a lot of golfers from a fit perspective, but Titleist had added a further model to provide an option with slightly less spin, to optimize performance for golfers who need it.

The new 430cc model (30cc less than the other versions) will make its debut on the PGA TOUR this week, and come to retail in late June.

“TS drivers have exceeded all our expectations both on tour and with golfers around the world,” said Josh Talge, Vice President of Marketing, Titleist Golf Clubs. “When it comes to driver performance, TS has shown that it’s no longer a one- or two-horse race.”

“While we know most golfers find their best fit in a TS2 or TS3 driver, there is a percentage of players out there with distinct performance needs, such as aggressive spin reduction,” Talge said. “TS4 is the spin killer that still produces exceptional ball speed. If you want to hit it longer but are having trouble controlling spin off the tee, TS4 was made for you.”

The TS4 boasts all the features found in the TS2 and TS3 but in a more compact package.

All the bells and whistles are there including a thinner crown and face and full CT inspection to ensure the head is at the maximum speed allowable by the rules of golf.

Of note is a centre of gravity that is lower and more forward than the previously introduced models to reduce the spin rate.

Of course, with the smaller design there is some compromise.

“When it comes to ultra low-spin drivers, there’s always going to be some tradeoff in terms of MOI,” Talge said. “But for those golfers who create too much spin because of the way they deliver the club head, we know through our player testing that TS4 can give them greater distance consistency versus what they would see in a higher-MOI product.”

Stock shafts for the TS4 will be the same as those for the T2 and TS3 – the Even Flow T1100 White 65 (Low launch and spin), HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 (Low/mid launch and spin), TENSEI AV Series Blue 55 (Mid launch and spin) and KURO KAGE Black Dual Core 50 (High launch and moderate spin). There are many additional custom options.

Loft offerings will be 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 in RH and 8.5 and 9,5 in LH.

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