Total Control – Titleist Adds Custom Utility Iron

The 712U from Titleist will be available as a custom order as of May 15th, 2013
The 712U from Titleist will be available as a custom order as of May 15th, 2013
The 712U from Titleist will be available as a custom order as of May 15th, 2013

It’s a slim market, nobody will argue that, but a segment of the golf population has very particular tastes.

While the standard 1 and 2 irons that once adorned the bags of the lowest index players have mostly given way to the modern, wood-style hybrids, the nostalgia and desire for a blade-style long iron for use off the tee has never fully subsided.

On the PGA Tour, this has pushed several manufacturers to create specialty clubs for their staff players and gradually they have become accessible to the non-touring professional.

Titleist is joining the fray with their 712U, a design that was first spotted in the bag of Adam Scott in August of 2012 and was revealed by the company on their Tour Blog last Fall as a Tour-Only product.  At that time they said they would evaluate where it might fit in their product line-up.  It seems a decision has been made.  It will be available as a custom order through authorized accounts as of May 15th.

The forged utility irons is targeted at skilled players who have higher clubhead speeds and want a more traditional long-iron type club to play in situations where flight control is a priority.

Even with a blade-like appearance, a hollow interior forged from 1025 steel with a 455 steel face insert allows for a deeper centre of gravity than a standard blade design.

A wider and more cambered sole also aids the clubhead interaction with the turf when playing a variety of shots.  This has proved effective for tour players like Adam Scott, Tim Clark, and Geoff Ogilvy who have defaulted to the 712U over a standard hybrid.

“I don’t like the look of hybrids, but the 712U (2-iron) looks great at address,” said Ogilvy. “It is a bit stronger than a 2-iron, it goes farther than a 2-iron and it’s easy to hit. It feels great, performs how I need it to, and I like having it in my bag.”

“During the development of 712U, we worked closely with our tour players to design a utility iron that delivers a great combination of consistency and control,” said Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs. “The deeper CG results in a higher MOI that increases stability at impact, helping players achieve more consistent distance and trajectory control, whether hitting shots high or low.

“With the 712U being so well received out on tour, we decided to make the club available through custom order for those players that need or prefer this type of long game yardage and trajectory solution,” Pelisek said.

Three loft options will be available – 2-iron (18º), 3-iron (21º) and 4-iron (24º).  Each clubhead is chrome-plated with  satin finish.

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